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As a big player, CASIO naturally also has something to offer in the smartwatch sector. The watches in the Pro Trek collection run on Android and have a variety of attractive functions such as GPS, which have real benefits in the outdoor sector. Messe.TV presenter Jürgen Groh finds out what else the smart watch can do.

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CASIO Pro Trek F20 - Outdoor-Smartwatch

Jürgen Groh: Casio can't ignore the huge smartwatch trend, can it? Sinan Hayik: No, that's right. We are launching the second generation this year. The F20 as we call it. The F20 model is an outdoor smartwatch. It has functions for outdoor use. It has a GPS receiver in it, which means the watch can also show where I am offline and without a smartphone. I can download the offline maps so that I can always see where I am. The operating system will be Android 2.0. That's coming out in April. Jürgen Groh: It's not compatible with Mac? Sinan Hayik: Yes, it is compatible, but the functions are more limited. The whole thing is based on Android, which means that you can use all the functions with all Android devices. But admittedly you are somewhat more limited with Apple devices or Mac operating systems.

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Jürgen Groh: What can the watch do? Can you show me? Sinan Hayik: Yes. For example, the watch can display where I am at the moment. At the moment it is running in demo mode because the operating system has not yet been officially released. I can choose a watch face here, for example. What's really interesting about the watch face is that I can choose a function. With Altimeter, I can always see the altimeter at the bottom here. Or if I want to use the compass, I can display where I am on the watch. It then really shows where north is. It's a fully-fledged digital compass. With the air pressure function, I can see what the weather will be like - will it get better or worse? I can display this at the bottom of the watch. So I can get a lot of information. I can of course install my favorite apps. I can download apps via the App Store, Google's Play Store. The watch really has a full range of smart functions. Jürgen Groh: Can I use the CASIO Pro Trek F20 with my smartphone again? Sinan Hayik: Exactly.

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Special apps for the CASIO Pro Trek F20

Jürgen Groh: In the background, I can see the topics Snow, Fishing. What's that all about? Sinan Hayik: The Pro Trek F20 has apps in the watch itself that are dedicated to precisely these topics and offer benefits specifically for these functions. It can evaluate stop times or the distance traveled. When paddling, it can determine my position and tell other friends where I am paddling - I can also return to these locations. These are the outdoor areas that we focus on with the watch. Jürgen Groh: So the Pro Trek also has a kind of rescue function? Sinan Hayik: You could use it for that, yes. If I'm paddling, for example, I can say there are a lot of fish here and I have to come back here. This works via a memo memory by storing this information there. I can call up the specially stored location again. I am offline-capable with GPS, so the watch knows exactly where I have been and can guide me back to this location. Jürgen Groh: The watch is becoming increasingly digital and networked. Will it remain a classic watch or where is the journey going? Sinan Hayik: Yes, we are a watch manufacturer, that has to be said quite clearly. We want the watch to be a pure watch tool. And of course we focus on telling the time, but it can do much more than that. We will continue to work with displays. We will work with swipes and techniques like that, but in principle the watch must remain classically round for us. Jürgen Groh: I hope so. Thank you very much.