Bernd Wolf jewelry - root coral collection

Sustainability continues to be an aspect that Bernd Wolf keeps in mind. For this reason, root corals are used in the jewelry collection. These grow quickly and are therefore a suitable renewable raw material. The aim is to create luminous pieces of jewelry, but not to endanger coral reefs.

Jenny Dettner with Bernd Wolf
Coral jewelry with gold

Bernd Wolf Jewelry - Interview & Photos: Root Coral Collection

Jenny Dettner: Bernd Wolf - an incredibly multifaceted jewelry label. What do we see here in this coral color? Bernd Wolf: Here we have the root coral, which is a very special coral that grows quickly and is therefore a great renewable resource. You don't have to worry about destroying any coral reefs or anything like that. We use the best quality coral available in our jewelry. It is such a beautiful glow. A color that is simply captivating, very emotional and spirited. That's why we've had root coral in our range for many years - I think for 20 years now. The line is one of the most popular pieces of jewelry among customers.

Coral jewelry gold matt
Bracelet gold root coral

Jenny Dettner: Can I wear the coral bracelet? Jenny Dettner: It goes great with my blouse. Tone on tone. I have to be honest, orange and gold are actually my favorite colors - nice and sunny. Bernd Wolf: Yes, it looks good on you too. Jenny Dettner: Where is this made? Bernd Wolf: It's made in our factory in Breisental near Freiburg.

Gold rings root coral Bernd Wolf
Jewelry collection gold coral

Jewelry plated with gold in a multi-layer process

Jenny Dettner: How long does it take to complete a bracelet? Bernd Wolf: It starts when the base material is cast. We have the small middle section here with a mosaic structure - a very important element in recent years. You can also see this very clearly in the necklace. This creates a beautiful play of light with every movement. It is first cast and then brushed by hand. The typical Bernd Wolf matt finish is then applied. The piece of jewelry is then gold-plated. We work with a multi-layer process here - many say it is the best there is in the jewelry industry. We use 24 carat gold. It's pure gold plating and it gives this warm, sunny color. Jenny Dettner: It looks very nice.