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It shines, it radiates and it warms - the sun. With the slogan "here comes the sun", Bernd Wolf is taking up the symbol as a theme in a current jewelry collection this year. We want to find out today at Inhorgenta: How much sun is there in Bernd Wolf's jewelry?

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Bernd Wolf Jewelry - Interview & Photos: Collection Sun

Here comes the sun. Bernd Wolf not only stands for a radiant range of jewelry, but also for a sunny traditional company. Jenny Dettner: Here comes the sun! I look into beaming faces. Bernd Wolf - a family business. Bernd Wolf: Exactly. All 3 of our children are now part of the company. Our daughter Miriam has been with the company for 10 years now, Annalea, our youngest daughter, joined 1.5 years ago and our son David joined in the fall. This is of course something very special for a family business when you realize that the next generation identifies with what you have built up and also brings in new ideas.

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Jenny Dettner: Now your company is in sunny Freiburg! Bernd Wolf: That's right. People there are perhaps a little spoiled by the sun and like to shine. Last year, we started to use the sun more strongly as a symbol in our collections. This year's collection includes a very special piece of jewelry. This is the Solenne pendant. Baguette-cut zirconia in the middle and brilliant-cut zirconia around the outside. This naturally results in a magical fire and magical glow.

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Sun jewelry collection with beautiful light reflections

Jenny Dettner: Of course, the setting here is fantastic. We have zirconia on the inside and on the outside too, but in different cuts? Bernd Wolf: Exactly, in different cuts and all set by hand. Then we also have this concave inner surface with the typical Bernd Wolf surface. 24 carat gold plated on silver and this simply gives you a whole variety of different effects.

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Jenny Dettner: Now you can see two different versions here, which your daughter is now also wearing. How did these two different models come about? Is there a story behind them? Bernd Wolf: We incorporated the concave shape into our collection last year and I find it particularly interesting to develop collections further. I simply wanted to create something new from this concave shape with the frame of brilliant-cut stones and had the theme of the sun in the background. So I included this piece of jewelry this year. You can see the beautiful reflections of light on my daughter with every movement. Jenny Dettner: Not only a radiant family, but also a radiant collection. The sun really shines through here. Thank you very much. Thank you very much and good luck with your business! Bernd Wolf: Thank you.