Bernd Wolf jewelry - floral collection

Bernd Wolf is also presenting a floral collection at Inhorgenta 2017 that draws its inspiration from the beauty of the garden. The design of the jewelry pieces also bears the signature of Yvonne Wolf, Bernd Wolf's wife, who is a passionate gardener in her spare time.

Bernd Wolf Inhorgenta 2017
Gold jewelry matt made in Germany

Bernd Wolf Jewelry - Interview & Photos: Floral Collection

Jenny Dettner: What is so special about your collection in 2017? Bernd Wolf: Well, we have several highlights, but one thing in particular is our floral collection. This is very much the work of my wife, who develops the collections together with me. She is a passionate gardener and we worked together on the floral collection. For example, we have the Leilana necklace and the matching bangle. For me, a perfect piece of jewelry for spring and summer.

Gold floral earrings
Jewelry floral collection

Jenny Dettner: Now flowers are not only absolutely hip in the fashion sector, but also in the jewelry range. Are you combining gold variants with silver jewelry or with diamonds or zirconia stones? What exactly is the material here? Bernd Wolf: In this case, we have silver with premium quality gold plating. As you can see, it has a very special structure, it is matt brushed - all done by hand. We also have practically pure gold plating here - 24 carat. That gives it an enormously warm, sunny hue and that's what our brand stands for. We've been working with this surface texture for 30 years and we re-stage it every year. Jenny Dettner: I can see the glitter and sparkle here. What kind of stones are these? Bernd Wolf: These are very small zirconia stones. So very mini 0.7-0.8 mm. The stones are set with a microscope and form a beautiful frame. They are not too loud, but they should always give a nice sparkle when you wear the piece of jewelry. We also manufacture everything in diamond on request, but in this case it is zirconia stones. It is also very important to us that the jewelry is affordable. We have stud earrings that cost less than 100 euros. A large necklace now costs €498 and a pair of cufflinks €148.

Gold bracelet from the jewelry manufactory
Jewelry zirconia flowers Leilana

Jewelry for truly all age groups

Jenny Dettner: What does the woman wearing your collection look like? Bernd Wolf: Beautiful, of course, because she wears two pieces of jewelry. In terms of age, we have all age groups. From young women in their 20s to women in their 30s and 40s, and sometimes even mothers in their 50s and 60s. We really have customers in every age group. Sometimes we have families from 3 generations shopping in our stores and they all discover their new favorite piece of jewelry. Jenny Dettner: May I try on the bracelet? Bernd Wolf: With pleasure.

Gld plated jewelry Bernd Wolf
Gold necklace Bernd Wolf

Jewelry design that interprets geometric shapes

Jenny Dettner: Yes, it looks really great. It sparkles beautifully. Is bicolor a theme in the current season, because you're seeing more and more gold combined with light-colored stones. Bernd Wolf: Yes, bicolor has always been an issue. As you rightly said, we have a touch of bicolor here. The stones naturally sparkle white, which is almost like silver. That's a strong theme.

Bacelet gold plating Leilana
Jenny Dettner bracelet Bernd Wolf

Jenny Dettner: Now you've also talked about other highlights, not just the floral design. What else is one of your absolute specials in the 2017 collection? Bernd Wolf: Well, on the one hand, we now have a square structure in the geometric area, as we can see here now. Our collection also stands for straightforwardness. German jewelry design in general is very well known worldwide for interpreting geometric shapes. Here I have tried to interpret a square shape in a more feminine way by rounding the edges. And that's practically another beautiful highlight.

Jwelry with beads bicolor matt brushed
Jewelry collection gold with sweetwater pearls