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Anyone who produces sports fashion also needs good product photos. The company Styleshoots supplies a complete device for professional product photography. Intuitive control via a tablet and in just a few moments a jacket or pair of trousers is well lit, photographed and cropped. In this way, the photo quickly finds its way into e-commerce systems. An all-in-one device for product photography.

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Create cropped fashion photos and product photos easily

Simone Dericks: We're standing here in a very small photo studio. But we're at ISPO - what does that have to do with sport? Joris Brüggen: It's a Dutch device called Styleshoots. It's a photo solution for packshots. Especially for e-commerce and online you need a lot of pictures and we can do that with a device like this. We sell this device. We have automatic lighting. This is the first device in the world where you can change the lighting. That means we have this LED lighting lamp "daylight" can determine. We have a product here on a model body. With a glass background and LED. And when I touch it here on the iPad, you can see directly that the system takes two images, one with and one without lighting, and within eight seconds you have a completely cropped product image. Simone Dericks: So time is also a factor? Joris Brüggen: Time and money are very important. Simone Dericks: And then I edit the images on my tablet? Joris Brüggen: No, it's completely detached, it's direct, without a background. It can be forwarded directly to the online store or something like that. Simone Dericks: The whole device belongs together. There's the camera. Joris Brüggen: Yes, there's a Canon camera in there. We have this lighting lamp, the model body is part of it. Because the caddy, you can turn it and take it out. You get a lot of speed with such a device.

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Professional cropped photos without a photographer

Simone Dericks: You no longer need a large photo studio. You can do it all in a small space? Joris Brüggen: Yes, and anyone can operate it. Believe me. Give it a try. Just press and touch and see the end result. You immediately see the two images again, one without lighting and one with, and our software can immediately recognize what has changed and within eight seconds you have a completely cropped product image. Simone Dericks: And then I can load and integrate this directly into my e-commerce in my online store and sales can start? Joris Brüggen: The faster you can show the products online, the faster you sell things. Simone Dericks: Of course, there are many companies at ISPO that have online stores. They also have their customers at the trade fair. Joris Brüggen: We have new customers of course, but also our reference customers like O'Neill or Brunotti, they use our device.

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Styleshoots product photography Ispo Fair Munich

E-commerce: Simply create cropped photos for your online store

Simone Dericks: Now this is outerwear. There's a jacket hanging there. Does that also work with pants? Joris Brüggen: It also works with pants. We have the lower body here. It works with upper or lower bodies. It's also very easy with pants. Simone Dericks: And what about accessories or shoes? Bags, jewelry, is that all possible? Joris Brüggen: Very good question, we have a table called a podium. You take out this caddy, insert the table with LED and you can very easily photograph shoes and bags in the same way. Simone Dericks: How many employees do I need? Joris Brüggen: You only need one person to operate it. Simone Dericks: The photo studio as it stands here. Do customers rent it or do they buy it? Joris Brüggen: The customers buy it. The product is produced in Holland. It's a Dutch product. Simone Dericks: How many countries are you represented in then? Joris Brüggen: We currently have more than five hundred systems worldwide in thirty-six different countries. Companies such as H&M, Macy's and even Alibaba in China use our device. Simone Dericks: Now this whole photo studio is really well thought out, have you considered developing it further? Joris Brüggen: Yes, of course, we started with a table - that was for horizontal goods for jeans and children's clothing. Our second machine is a vertical one, which you can see here right now. Hopefully in the future we will be able to produce solutions for videos and live models.