Polarmond outdoor sleep system

If you want to spend the night outdoors in cold temperatures, you need a solution that really keeps you warm. A classic tent quickly reaches its limits. Ourdoor enthusiasts can now look forward to the temperature-regulating sleeping system from Polarmond. We took a look at it at Ispo.

Outdoor sleeping system - Bivouacking & camping with Polarmond

Jürgen Groh: Greetings, Mr. Krummenacher! You are showing impressive expedition tents at Ispo. Can you explain their function to me? Walter Krummenacher: Yes, that's right. So what we are seeing here is the world's first self-heating and room temperature adjustable sleeping system for outdoor use. It offers the following benefits. On the one hand, sleeping comfort like at home. That means you have freedom of movement with your legs just like at home. You can put your hands and arms under your head and adopt a sleeping position just like at home. Point 2 is that the insulation is protected. The system works in such a way that the body gives off heat and warm air absorbs more moisture, this moisture is in here and will flow out through a ventilation opening at the top of the tent because warm air is lighter than cold air. Then we also had the whole dehumidification management with regard to the insulation. We have a vapor barrier. This means that the vapor released by the body does not get into the insulation. So we have constant insulation conditions in terms of efficiency. The whole system can be used from minus 30° degrees to plus 25° degrees, believe it or not.

All in one tent even for cold temperatures Polarmond Ispo Munich
Polarmond tents with outdoor sleeping system

Outdoor sleeping system: sleep outside from -30 to +35 degrees

Jürgen Groh: How can this wide temperature range be possible? Walter Krummenacher: Polarmond differentiates itself by removing the insulation from the body, i.e. we create an air envelope around the body and this air can be regulated. This means that if the outside temperature rises from minus 30° degrees to minus 10° degrees, you open the ventilation opening at the top. Warm air - because it is lighter - then rises and draws in cold, cooler air, which is also drier. Depending on the size of this opening, the temperature in the bedroom remains constant. This is ultimately a feeling that the user develops. At minus 10° degrees, the ventilation area is about half closed and when we are at 0° degrees, the opening area is even more open. Jürgen Groh: Even at minus 10° degrees, I still open the opening that wide? Walter Krummenacher: That's right, exactly. Because at minus 30° degrees it is completely closed, at minus 20° degrees it is slightly open, at minus 10° degrees a little more, at minus 5° degrees a little more again and at zero degrees even further, exactly. The other benefit for the user is that there is enough space to take shoes, food, drink, ... all this remains in the plus temperatures and does not freeze. Without coming into contact with the arms.

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Bivouac therm a rest Polarmond Ispo 2017

Walter Krummenacher: What we have here is the one-person tent, but we already had plans in our heads to turn the whole thing into a two-person tent. Mirrored lengthways at the head end. An entrance to the left and to the right and then the whole thing is actually mirrored, that's roughly what the two-person version will look like. Jürgen Groh: Very interesting. How much does the 1 version cost? Walter Krummenacher: The 1-seater version, we're at size 'R' for 1.85m, we're at €1762. Jürgen Groh: 1762€. Walter Krummenacher: What I would also like to say is that this is the liner in green, and it has the following function. The feet are in here, it doesn't restrict them like a sleeping bag because it's cut wide. On the other hand, you can simply push the liner down if you're too warm. At very low temperatures, you can also close it at the back so that it doesn't pull in at the side. This is also a multifunctional product that is included in the scope of delivery.

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Tent for outdoor activities: Mountaineers, outback fans, ice hikers

Jürgen Groh: I can do without the sleeping bag with this model then, can't I? Walter Krummenacher: Yes, that's right. There are 4 basic components in this all-in-one bivouac or all-in-one tent. On the one hand, there is the sleeping bag function, we call it the sleeping shell. We have the sleeping pad down here, which is included from Therm-a-Rest, then we have the tent function here and the yellow part here, which is a Vapour Barrier Liner, which is a vapour barrier so that body moisture doesn't get into the insulation. Jürgen Groh: Okay. Is your target group purely the expedition sector or does it also go into the ambitious mountaineering sector or how can that be seen? Walter Krummenacher: That's a very good question. The product is designed for minus 30° degrees, but the target groups we want to address are all outdoor athletes or people who do outdoor activities. Polarmond offers the best sleep at sub-zero temperatures with temperature regulation and a dehumidification system. That means from hunters, the military will be a target group, of course mountaineers, ice fishermen - there are an infinite number of users who will use this system. Jürgen Groh: In any case, I wish you all the best with this product and will see you next year. Walter Krummenacher: Thank you very much.