SIGG drinking bottles

SIGG drinking bottles are without question a classic that every mountaineer, hiker or outdoor sports enthusiast knows. The product stands for good quality from Switzerland and the company assures that only safe materials are used. But will there be anything new to discover at Ispo? Our trade fair TV presenter Jürgen Groh wanted to find out exactly that. The answer is: Yes, in addition to the classic aluminum drinking bottle, there are also new products. One of them is the Hero bottle with a ball inside - Product Manager Sandra Rückewold explains what it's all about.

Drinking bottles SIGG with touch surface
Drinking bottle mountain hike SIGG drinking bottles

Drinking cups with non-slip grip surface

This year we will be showing our colorful range at Ispo. Here we have a purple drinking bottle with a non-slip grip surface, which is particularly practical for athletes with sweaty hands. It is our iconic product that is made in Switzerland.

Bottle Shakerball without softener SIGG
SIGG phthalate free drinking bottle

SIGG Highlight squeezable Flasche

This year's highlight is the Hero drinking bottle. This is our first squeezable bottle that can be squeezed. The valve can be pulled out with your teeth. The membrane prevents leakage when the bottle is turned upside down. It has a wide opening, making it easy to clean and fill the bottle. The bottle with shaker ball mixes protein drinks well, for example. Without plasticizers and estrogen-active substances, it costs €14.95.

Glass bottle double walled SIGG Trainkbottles
Interview SIGG Ispo Munich 2017

SIGG glass training bottle with filter and strainer

There are many athletes who pay attention to their health and therefore only want to drink from glass. The closure of the sigg glass bottle is made only of stainless steel and silicone materials. It is particularly suitable for coffee, tea or infused water. The package includes a filter and strainer for different types of drink. The bottle is double-walled, so it won't condense with cold drinks and won't burn your fingers with hot drinks. The grip makes it non-slip, the bumper on the base is removable and attached to the base of the bottle to prevent breakage.

ExhibitionTV Contribution SIGG Ispo 2017 Fair Munich
SIGG glass bottle with tea coffee filter

The drinking bottle manufacturer sigg offers 4 different materials. Depending on what you want. The aluminum bottles are lightweight and durable. The material glass is of course pure. Here the drink does not take on any taste. In addition, with glass you can always see how much you have already drunk. Plastic is just as light and durable and, of course, it's also easy to see how much you've drunk.

High quality drinking bottles SIGG Ispo Munich
Trade fair appearance SIGG drinking bottles Sports fair Ispo Munich