Katadyn Water filter

If you like traveling, you often want clean drinking water, especially in remote outdoor areas. Of course you can take water with you, but it weighs heavily in your rucksack. And what if you want to be on the road for longer? With a BeFree water filter from Katadyn, you can protect yourself against bacteria. Simply fill the water into the bottle, turn the filter on and you're done. You can see what else the outdoor sports supplier has to offer at Messe.TV!

Katadyn Water Filter Winner Ispo Award 2017 2018 Munich
Trade fair appearance Katadyn Ispo 2017 Fair Munich

Katadyn Outdoor-Ausrüstung - BeFree Wasserfilter

Jürgen Groh: Katadyn is the right place for me when I'm in the great outdoors and run out of drinking water, right? Viola Frey: Among other things, our company stands for free drinking water. Jürgen Groh: What's new at Katadyn? Viola Frey: We have a great new filter called BeFree. We have won an award, the ISPO Gold Award. We are very proud of that. You can easily treat water with this filter. If you are out and about and don't have water that is drinkable. You can simply scoop in water from a stream, put the filter on and drink it.

Water filtering Drinking water on the go BeFree Katadyn
Hollow fiber filter drinking water Katadyn

Functionality of hollow fiber filters for water purification

Jürgen Groh: The filter is a small sewage treatment plant. How does the water filter work? Viola Frey: It's a hollow fiber filter with a new technology. The openings make it easy to clean afterwards. It is a 0.1 micro hollow fiber filter. You can use it to filter bacteria and protozoa out of the water and thus have safe drinking water. Jürgen Groh: Who are you addressing with the model - who is your target group? Viola Frey: The BeFree water filter is for hikers, you can fold it very small. It is also suitable for travelers, for example you can fill up the container at the fountain during a city trip. You can use this filter wherever you want to reduce PET.

Water filter for hikers, mountaineers and outdoor fans

Jürgen Groh: How many liters can a filter handle? Viola Frey: It makes a thousand liters drinkable. You can simply clean it in between. Remove this element, pour in a little water, screw the filter on, shake it gently, rinse it out and you're done. Jürgen Groh: That's enough? Viola Frey: Yes, that's enough. Jürgen Groh: Is it your only product? Viola Frey: We have a whole host of other products in our range. Let me show you.

Kettle for on the go Katadyn
Outdoor Dish Vegetarian Trek and Eat Ispo Munich

Katadyn 360° Degree Outdoor Kitchen

Viola Frey: Our offers are combined in the 360° Degree Outdoor Kitchen. We have a stove where you can prepare the water that you have prepared beforehand. Jürgen Groh: What is that? Viola Frey: It's the cleaning sponge - Bob. It makes washing up a real pleasure. We also have meals for on the go. In this case, vegetable jambalaya is a vegetarian dish. Vegetarian food is very popular on the market at the moment. Jürgen Groh: You are constantly renewing your outdoor equipment and surely have something up your sleeve for next year? Viola Frey: Yes, we have something for the next trade fair, but I won't tell you yet. Otherwise it would no longer be a novelty. Jürgen Groh: Where will you be presenting it then? Viola Frey: At our stand at Outdoor in Friedrichshafen in June this year.

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