Gore-Tex Shakedry

Who hasn't experienced it when running or cycling - suddenly it rains. Gore Tex has now developed Shakedry, a fabric that promises great things: simply shake off the rain. Such textiles would be ideal for joggers and cyclists. Let's take a look at Gore-Tex at Ispo in Munich to see whether this actually works.

Active Shakedry jacket by Gore-Tex

Jürgen Groh: I see robots in the background, what does that have to do with Gore-Tex? Andreas Marmsoler: We are showing a new product here. This is the Gore-Tex Active with Shakedry technology. Shakedry is basically a technology in which no outer textile is used. In other words, the membrane is on the outside. Shakedry means in the truest sense of the word: shake it once and then it's dry. That's the principle that the robot arm is supposed to demonstrate. Jürgen Groh: Let's take a look at that. Andreas Marmsoler: So basically the robot comes and takes out this jacket. It sprays it here and then shakes the jacket. The robot is supposed to show that the water can simply roll off. Of course, not everything is completely dry when the robot does it - it doesn't manage that either. But you can already see that something is happening. That's what we want to demonstrate. The water simply rolls off because there is no longer any outer fabric on it.

Goretex functional jacket Shake Dry Ispo Muenchen
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Gore-Tex jacket for sporting activity weighing only 100 grams

Jürgen Groh: Ultimately, the principle of Gore-Tex is that it is built back into different brands. Andreas Marmsoler: That's right. Jürgen Groh: Where can we see this in the near future and when can we see it again? Andreas Marmsoler: Most of the products are already available. We have it at Arcteryx and Black Yak, for example. We have also incorporated it into GORE BIKE WEAR and GORE RUNNING WEAR. These jackets are designed for running on the road or riding a road bike. It is not suitable for wearing with a rucksack because the jacket is simply not as robust. It is the lightest Gore-Tex jacket there is and the most breathable. Jürgen Groh: It really doesn't weigh anything. Andreas Marmsoler: Exactly. This jacket weighs 100 grams and is therefore ideal for activities such as road cycling or running for a few hours. Jürgen Groh: (puts on the Gore-Tex Shakedry) Wears like a second skin. How much do I have to pay for this pretty jacket? Andreas Marmsoler: The jackets cost between 200 and 350 euros.

Kuka Robot demonstrates Gore Technology Shake Dry Ispo 2017
ExhibitionTV Interview Gore Shake Dry Technology

Jürgen Groh: Gore-tex itself - what is the trend at Ispo 2017? Andreas Marmsoler: What we are seeing is that the materials are becoming softer and softer. Another trend is stretch. This means that the material adapts better to the body. We see this in shoes, we see it in jackets and also in gloves. We see this trend everywhere. Consumers want the materials to fit the body better. At the same time, however, they also want flexibility when carrying out activities. Jürgen Groh: What can we expect from Gore-Tex in the next few years? Andreas Marmsoler: Stretch is an issue for us, we are working on it, because Gore-Tex Active Shakedry, for example, has no stretch content. We have other innovations, concepts that we are showing now and they are all about stretch. In other words, we want to make sure that we offer products that are better for activities such as sports. That's one trend. The other trend is. We see this blending of function and fashion. We see that waterproofness and rain protection are not only interesting on the mountain, but also in the city. We are working together with designers who offer innovative solutions. Jürgen Groh: I'm looking forward to next year!