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When you're out and about outdoors, you want to keep things simple. Limit yourself to the essentials. Bushcraft Essentials follows this approach with an outdoor stove that is as simple as it is ingenious. The great thing is that it can be heated with wood and is extremely space-saving. Just right for hikers, but also for an expedition. Find out more in our video!

Outdoor stoves from Bushcraft Essentials

Simone Dericks: Mr. Hoppenrath, hello there! Yes, what do we have here? Metal at ISPO, what does that mean? Detlev Hoppenrath: We build stoves. Bavarian stoves, but we export them all over the world. Our stoves are specially designed to work with wood. We have very small stoves. But we also have large, folding stoves. When you are in nature, you can simply use wood to cook with these stoves. The big one gets up to 800° degrees. You can cook a meal on it. Water boils bubbling on it in 4 minutes because these stoves get very, very hot due to the chimney effect. The stoves are very versatile. You can use them with many different fuels in addition to wood. For example, you can use this stove with the so-called Trangia burner by clamping the pot supports in the middle. You can use it with Esbit, and there are various grill attachments so that you can grill a steak with it. You can even use it to make a toaster. Simone Dericks: Well, I can grill with it, I can cook with it and it's portable in my rucksack.

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Folding stove for the Outback

Detlev Hoppenrath: The big advantage is that all our stoves are foldable, so they can be folded up very small and then transported in a rucksack to save space and weight. You don't need to carry any fuel, just the weight of the stove. Simone Dericks: Who has this been specially developed for? Detlev Hoppenrath: It has been developed for people who like to be outdoors. From hikers who are in the mountains and don't want to carry too much weight, to people who are on expeditions and long journeys. Also for military applications. We have a very, very broad spectrum of customers. In fact, all customers who, for whatever reason, like to be outdoors a lot and want to eat comfortably. Simone Dericks: Can you briefly show me how quickly a stove like this can be set up? Detlev Hoppenrath: Yes. You simply pull this stove apart. The parts fall into position by themselves and it's ready to use. Ready to use. Simone Dericks: This is the biggest one you have? Detlev Hoppenrath: This is the biggest one we have. This little stove here is the ladies' favorite because it has serious applications. We sell it to the military, for example, but it's also very nice for heating your coffee with a tea candle.

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The smallest stove in the world

Simone Dericks: It even fits in your fanny pack or trouser pocket. Detlev Hoppenrath: It even fits in your wallet. It can be taken apart and also fits in your wallet. But you can also use it with Esbit, for example, with fuel cubes. So you can generate a lot of energy, a lot of heat and you can cook on it yourself. This is actually intended as an emergency stove, especially for hikers, for people who are out and about in the mountains. But also for military use or simply to put a coffee cup on in the office. Simone Dericks: I think it's the smallest stove I've ever seen in my life, the smallest stove in the world! Detlev Hoppenrath: It's the smallest Hugo stove in the world, yes indeed! Yes, and also the smallest emergency stove in the world. As I said, you can carry it in your wallet or purse. Simone Dericks: So it's actually one of those things that everyone should have in their emergency bag! Detlev Hoppenrath: Absolutely. That's why it's also called an EDC box. So "everyday carry" for the emergency bag. Simone Dericks: But I know that you brought us something else here at ISPO.

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Fire pump: Making fire in the outback

Detlev Hoppenrath: Yes, exactly. Because you have to light the fire at some point. To make a fire, we have our fire pump, which is based on a very old principle of fire-making. Air is compressed like in a diesel engine and this generates heat. This means that tinder material is introduced here. This is the tinder that we produce ourselves. The tinder cord is inserted here. The piston is inserted and then the air is heated by compression to such an extent that a fire or ember is created. These embers can then be developed into a fire. Or, of course, you can light a cigarette with it and have fun with it as a party gag. The fire pump also has a small, hidden gimmick. First of all, there is a vent so that you can get the piston back in and we have hidden a fire steel in the handle. You can also use this fire steel to light a fire. Simone Dericks: Just like in the old days with friction as we know it classically. Detlev Hoppenrath: And the way bushcrafters do it today. On the other side, we still have a waterproof compartment for carrying tinder. Simone Dericks: Well, I find that really very exciting and would like to thank you for the interview and wish you a successful ISPO! Detlev Hoppenrath: And we are pleased that we are bringing Bavarian technology to the world, all our devices are made in Germany, in Bavaria in fact. Simone Dericks: Made in Germany.

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