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Most people know Toko as a ski wax - but the company also offers textile care. The company can look back on a history of around 100 years and also had its origins in this area. A newly developed waterproofing spray and a special detergent for clothing are now being presented at Ispo. The aim is to keep garments waterproof and dirt-repellent for longer. All with the know-how from the ski wax sector.

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Intensive impregnation for high-quality weatherproof clothing

Toko celebrated one hundred years in 2016. In this country, the first thing people think of when they hear the name is ski wax. But what the company originally launched on the market was detergent and care for boots. This year, they have revised their textile cleaning and care line with a new formula. The intensive impregnation for high-quality weatherproof clothing, "Toko Textile Proof", keeps jackets water and dirt repellent for a longer period of time. If you spray your jacket with it, it is waterproof and still breathable. We have taken the know-how from the ski wax sector.

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The basis for correct impregnation is dirt removal

Just as skis are made fast by making them dirt and water repellent, the concept has been transferred to textile care products. Care begins with proper washing, which is comparable to a car wash. The Eco Wash works without bleach, without staining agents and without softeners. This means that the textiles retain their shape, the membranes do not clog and therefore remain breathable. The wax and impregnation only come at the end. The basis for proper impregnation is dirt removal. The textiles are then impregnated to make them dirt and water resistant. The chemists produce environmentally friendly products with high performance. Toko will continue to work on new waxes in the future.

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