Mellow electrical Skateboard Kit

With the electric skateboard kit from Mellow, you can ride up to 15 km per battery charge. The range can be increased even further with an additional power bank in the backpack. The great thing about the system is that you can fit it under almost any skateboard model and off you go. If you change skateboards, you don't need a new kit, but can mount the existing one on the new board. Of course, you have to try it out - presenter and skateboarding ace Jürgen Groh won't let that stop him.

eSkateboard with 15 km of riding fun per battery charge

Mellow developed the e-skateboard, but for them it's a big concept. They call it the endless ride. With a replaceable battery, the rider decides for himself when he wants to stop. One battery charge provides 15 kilometers of riding fun!

eSkateboard Mellow Leisure Fair Ispo
Mellow electric skateboard MesseTV Ispo Munich

eSkateboard controllable with remote control

On the remote control you can ride in Pro or Eco mode for beginners. You accelerate forwards and brake backwards! The trick is to build up speed in order to steer at all. The pro mode is never fully extended, even among professionals. Only those who ride downhill want to ride the skateboard properly. Mellow is made in Germany. And after 7 years of development, the product is now on the market. The future is more in the direction of other application concepts such as wheelchairs.

MesseTV Contribution Mellow e Skateboards
eSkateboard Battery powered up to 15 km riding fun

The battery is a power bank and can be used externally. It has an integrated USB cable with which you can charge your iPhone 6 or 7, for example. Added value is important to us, which is why you can also change the wheels to off-road. The hardware is state of the art - the software is constantly being developed.

Powerbank battery skateboard Mellow Ispo Munich
Skareboard self propelled with battery drive Mellow

Drive system can be retrofitted to skateboards

You can install the drive system under any skateboard. You will also receive a remote. This allows you to accelerate and brake. It works for both right- and left-handers. Both beginners and advanced riders have 100% control. In the motor are the rollers, here is the power that provides the drive up to 40 km / h. It's not like driving forward in a car, but like a sine curve winding sideways through life. Mellow - the endless ride.