Pyua Sustainable ski clothing

The company Pyua manufactures polyester ski clothing and wants to pay more attention to sustainability. The core of the idea is that polyester does not lose its quality even after repeated use. The aim is to make new ski clothing from old Pyua ski clothing.

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Recycled ski jacket Pyua Ispo Munich

Ecological sportswear honored with Ispo Award

The company Puya produces ecological sportswear. Puya, which has made recycling its motto, won the Ispo Award in 2017. Old polyester products can be handed in and new clothing is made from these boxes. The boxes are mainly located in the stores where the products are sold. There are also containers on the street where people can drop off products containing polyester. The container is then taken to a partner where the goods are sorted.

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Pyua ecological sports fashion Ispo 2017

The zippers are cut off. The pure polyester is shredded to produce granulate. And this in turn is used to make polyester. This polyester yarn is then used to produce the finished fabric, which we then use to make our Puya clothes.

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Recycled sportswear as a basis for new clothing

Recycled sportswear made from old clothes

A closed cycle that we are ultimately very proud of. This means that the clothing is only made from old garments and is absolutely "Made in Europe". This is a monitored production process. Our design is also innovative. We have an integrated glove. This is particularly practical when you go on tours. We have two- and three-layer jackets. Pants and ski pants. With layers, with insulation. It's basically a complete sports collection. We are unique in the way we manufacture our products.

Pyua sustainable skiwear
Sports fashion with a claim to sustainability Pyua

Environmentally conscious fashion inspires ecological athletes

This ochre-colored jacket is made entirely of polyester and is lined. In recent years, we have only had two and three-layer jackets, i.e. relatively thin jackets. And this year we are now offering lined products. Customers are increasingly enthusiastic about it because environmental awareness is increasing overall. Preserving the winter playground, so to speak, is our form of support.