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You are specialized on SUPs. Stand up paddle boards. What's new on your line? Yes, we have these two new fishing boards. It's designed for standup fishing. We have mounts on here that you can mount Scotty mounts. You can do fishing racks, bucket holders, fish finders. So it gives you a nice way to look down in the water and fish up at the same time. So this board is actually correct. It's designed specifically coeicient. We also have in our line two fitness boards. The nice thing about these is it has a different type of slipping on the EVA. So when the people are on their hands and knees it doesn't leave any marks. Is it out of air? What is the material? Yes actually everything is a drop technology, so if they're inflatable, you can deflate them, roll them up and carry them very, very easily. Anywhere. I travel all over the world with a 12 foot. They range between 699 dollars and 1100 US dollars. So just under a 1000 Euros.

Stand up Paddle Boards Airhead
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Yoga on a StandUp Paddle Board

So what makes your bo different to the other ones? We try to look for different functions of the boards. So we have your average cruisers. We have the fitness, we have riverboards, fishing boards. So we have a wide variety of style. So what makes this board to your fitness board? Can you do yoga on it? Yes. I can't do yoga. But more flexible people do mainly the ladies.

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And what hat is new? Well, we have this 18 foot eight persons s sub, that's right over here. This is our super. It's a 18 feet five feet wide, designed for eight people wow. Almost like a great charro. It's a big big one. Yeah, I've had 22 people on it before, but it's very, very large. Wow. So it's like a party board it is. It is. It's just a big party barge, good for corporate events. Team building events. The United States, the Boy Scouts of America use these, okay, yeah, where can I find your board? We sell on Amazon. Amazon Germany offers all of our products, and we're looking for other partners to sell them in retail stores.

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But can you see it in the water as well? Yes, okay. Greg, that's the board, just gonna go into water. Yes, yes, it is. This is our fit. 1032. It's a fitness doll board. It's a great Alvaro board, good for fitness and just for paddling. Who's gonna go into the board? We're going have Tina over here. She's going be our demonstrators, tina. So if you want to take that and then.

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Put that in the water you can see it's very easy for her to get on good balance. Paddle is at the right length and it's just very easy to paddle. The key is just keeping loose inflectional, flexible. So as you can see, she's been only been paddling for two years. Very, very simple and easy. It has a high floatation 15 centimeters, so it stays up in the water very important, just to keep your knees relaxed and balanced. Can you do the yoga thing on it? Tina, would you mind doing a little bit of yoga for us? And there we go and then she can actually with the EVA the way it's designed there. It's very comfortable on the knees and it gives you good grip. So as you can see Tina was doing some yoga here, even as a fairly beginner theup gives you a level of challenge. So if you're actually a really good yoga person, it gives you a whole noether level of challenge. But it's simple enough that even a beginner yoga person can do it good luck with your distribution. Thank you very much. Tina. Thank you very much for performance. Bye Bye.

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