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Cycling in your living room. This was already possible to some extent with the home sports equipment from Kettler. But now you can do it even more authentically with Kett Maps. On a screen in front of you, you can see the tour you are currently riding. There are around 12,000 routes to choose from! You can also network and race against each other. Let us explain exactly how this works at the Kettler stand at Ispo in Munich. A highlight for all cycling fans and very, very quiet.

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Racing bike: Ride a Tour de France stage in your living room

We are currently on a fast descent of a Tour de France stage. And we still have 3 longer hills ahead of us, which we are currently completing here at the Ispo trade fair stand. It's an interactive system between the bike and the computer program, so it senses the route profile directly in its legs. He recognizes the landscape he is cycling along on the screen. Kett Map thus makes the training session appear particularly realistic.

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Cyclists can use it to train at home. And Mr. Schulte, who is currently testing the new Kettler product, is delighted with it. It is less monotonous due to the real images, is entertaining and motivating. You can also connect virtually with buddies and race against each other. You can also participate in the slipstream of groups, making it a very tactical race in which breakaway riders can pull ahead.

Record routes while cycling with a helmet camera

A common time is agreed and then all cyclists can start from their location at the same time. In the premium version, it is also possible to record routes with your helmet camera, for example, and then train them via Kett Maps. There are currently 12,000 routes in the portal. There is a large selection and variety. The system includes various routes with different levels of difficulty. These include extremely challenging bike tours for very performance-oriented cyclists. Mountain stages, triathlon and also cycle tours for leisure cyclists. The Golden Gate Bridge, for example, is included as a classic. So I can choose the right tour for the duration and my desired performance.

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Cycling fitness equipment ideal for winter months

Especially in winter when it is cold, icy and dark, the cycling fitness machine is ideal for training. The Racer is produced in Germany. It is completely designed and produced here. International cycling personalities are involved. A highlight of the spinning bike this year is the electronic shifting system from Campagnolo, the Chorus groupset. This is designed to give the racing cyclist the feeling of a road bike. In contrast to the gym, the Kettler ergometer with induction brake is very quiet and you don't even notice it.

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