M29 Gallery & Publisher

Started as a project space, M29 is now a gallery and publishing house. A dialog of art and text. The focus is on modern, young art in all areas.

gallery M 29 Art Cologne 2023
Babette Richter M 29 gallery

Publications on the dialog between art and text

M29 Galerie + Verlag started 20 years ago in Cologne with a project space. Since then, it has developed into a gallery and publishing house. On the publishing side, the main focus is on publications on the dialog between art and text. The gallery is dedicated to young modern art in areas such as photography, installation and painting.

Doris Frohnapfel corona art gallery M 29
Doris Frohnapfel sepia brush drawing coronavirus pandemic protective suit

Ink drawings in sepia by the Cologne artist Doris Frohnapfel

Ms. Babette Richter provides an insight into a work by the Cologne artist Doris Frohnapfel. The theme of the unique edition of various ink drawings in sepia is the corona crisis. The drawings show the handling of corona in the healthcare system: barriers, barriers, people in protective suits armed with disinfectant spray.

uncertainty about images Doris Frohnapfel Art Cologne

Collages of photography and painting by the artist Tamara Lorenz

The gallery presents Tamara Lorenz, another Cologne artist. In her collages of photography and painting, she shows a very unique way of dealing with forms. Two large-format works at the M29 Galerie + Verlag stand at ART COLOGNE 2023 relate portrait photos to striking color surfaces, while 6 smaller-format collages reflect the artist's wider spectrum.

Tamara Lorenz collage with sculptures M 29 gallery
Tamara Lorenz painting and photography Art Cologne