ARTELIER CONTEMPORARY from Graz has around 150 artists in its program. At ART COLOGNE 2023, Petra Schilcher shows us works by Michaela Konrad and we talk to contemporary artist Michael Schuster.

Artelier Contemporary at the Art Cologne 2023
Petra Schilcher managing director Artelier Contemporary

ARTELIER CONTEMPORARY from Graz was founded in 1985. Originally active as editors, over the course of time the business changed to trading in unique pieces. ARTELIER CONTEMPORARY's program includes around 150 artists who are presented in the company's own gallery in Graz. Their works are also presented at art fairs such as Art Basel and, for a long time now, at ART COLOGNE.

Michaela Konrad graphic art Artelier Contemporary
new media in the arts Art Cologne 2023

At ART COLOGNE, Petra Schilcher from ARTELIER CONTEMPORARY introduces us to Austrian artist Michaela Konrad, who has been working with comics since her youth. She is currently creating experimental comics that are capable of augmented reality. Painting is set in motion via an app. As a demonstration, Ms. Schilcher brings a picture + entitled Alarming Tales to life via an app; the lonely teddy bear is subsequently joined by a blonde girl. The artist Michaela Konrad has always shown an affinity for new media. She uses them as well as graphics in her works. Her videos have already been shown at the Ars Electronica in Linz.

Can this be tomorrow Michaela Konrad Comic art Augmented Reality
Michaela Konrad app Art Cologne 2023

During our visit to the ARTELIER CONTEMPORARY stand, contemporary artist Michael Schuster will be present. He has been creating his works of art using LED technology for a good 10 years. Vertical and horizontal lettering, always in complementary colors, appears on a golden mirror lavishly decorated with leafy tendrils. These can now be controlled via bluetooth and app. What is interesting about the lettering is the staggering created, the distance between which depends on the glass thickness of the mirrors. The exhibit shown with the lettering TO BE UNIQUE (vertical) and UNIQUE (horizontal) consists of two mirrors lying on top of each other in a frame. For example, if the lower mirror has a thickness of 4mm and the upper one of 6mm, the result is an impressive staggering of 10mm.

TO BE UNIQUE Michael Schuster LED art
Michael Schuster mirror with gold frame light Art