From artist space to primary gallery - VAN HORN Gallery

Over the course of almost 20 years, the VAN HORN Gallery has grown organically from an artists' space in Düsseldorf. Ms. Daniela Steinfeld classifies her gallery as a primary gallery. This means working with a large number of international artists from different backgrounds: from very young to very old, white or colored, women and men alike.

stRawbeRRyfields Jan Albers sculpture and painting
stRawbeRRyfields Jan Albers Van Horn

Three-dimensional forms between sculpture and painting by artist Jan Albers

The beautiful stand of Galerie VAN HORN at Art Cologne also includes a promotion booth for up-and-coming artists. In the course of an interview, Ms. Steinfeld introduces individual artists and their works. Like the artist Jan Albers, who has been with the gallery for a long time. His specialty is three-dimensional forms between sculpture and painting in a stringent, architectural or more organic way. The handmade, powerful exhibits on display captivate with the painterly aspect of the sculptures, which the artist achieves with a wonderful color gradient through the virtuoso use of spray paint. The fact that the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen acquired a large work of art of this kind in 2023 speaks volumes for the artist's success. It is the largest that the artist Jan Albers has ever created in this dimension.

Jan Albers relief organic art
Jan Albers relief art exhibit Art Cologne 2023

Works by Afro-German artist Anys Reimann

Ms. Steinfeld will also be presenting the works of Anys Reimann. An Afro-German artist, born in 1965, who only graduated from the Düsseldorf Art Academy in 2020. Due to her late career, she combines the attributes of "young artist" and "established personality". Her works reflect her origins - her mother is East Prussian and her father is West African - as well as her exploration of her own womanhood. Her very strong, self-confident, self-determined and also sexy female bodies, which radiate a high level of positive power, have white and black parts.

Anys Reimann young artist Art Cologne 2023
Anys Reimann afro german art Van Horn
Anys Reimann female modern art
Daniela Steinfeld gallery Van Horn

Conceptual painting between text and figure by the artist couple Muntean/ Rosenblum

Masterful, conceptual painting between text and figure can be seen in the works of the artist couple Muntean/Rosenblum, who live in Vienna. Markus Muntean, Austrian, and Adi Rosenblum from Haifa in Israel work together on all their paintings, which they create on canvas in oil, pastel and chalk. The artist couple have been well known in the art scene since the 1990s. In 2024, the Städel Museum in Frankfurt/Main will present a solo exhibition. One of these fascinating large-format masterpieces with the text "To belost ist o be fully present, and tob e fully present ist o be capable of being in uncertainty and mysterie" will be presented by Galerie VAN HORN at ART COLOGNE 2023.

Muntean Rosenblum artwork Art Cologne
To be lost is to be fully present and to be fully present is to be capable of being in uncertainty and mysterie Muntean Rosenblum gallery Van Horn