Rainer Fetting - Thomas Fuchs Gallery

The program of Galerie Thomas Fuchs focuses on figurative and abstract painting. Works by Rainer Fetting will be shown at ART COLOGNE, among others.

Gallery Thomas Fuchs figurative abstract art
exhibition stand gallery Thomas Fuchs Art Cologne 2023
Gallery Thomas Fuchs with paintings by Rainer Fetting Art Cologne

Painting in the figurative and abstract field

Galerie Thomas Fuchs from Stuttgart has been concentrating its program on figurative and abstract painting for 11 years, ranging from young to established artists.

Rainer Fetting car train to sylt Art Cologne 2023
painted sculpture by Rainer Fetting van Gogh Gauguin striding
Rainer Fetting van Gogh Gauguin walking Art Cologne

Work "Autozug nach Sylt" by Rainer Fetting

Mr. Fuchs sees the highlight of the exhibition presentation in the latest work by Rainer Fetting entitled "Autozug nach Sylt". Typical of the artist, it shows the grandiose use of color in dynamic brushstrokes and the abstraction that leads into the distance. Rainer Fetting's sculptures also find a place in the ART COLOGNE exhibition at Galerie Thomas Fuchs. The Willy Brandt statue at the SPD party headquarters will be familiar to the general public. At ART COLOGNE, Galerie Thomas Fuchs is presenting the sculpture "Van Gogh and Gauguin Striding" in a prominent position. It is an edition of 9 pieces, the exhibit shown is individually painted, giving it a unique character.

Mona Ardeleanu painting fair Cologne 2023
Mona Ardeleanu oil painting

Figure in space by the artist Mona Ardelanu

The young 39-year-old artist Mona Ardelanu studied in Stuttgart and lives and works in the state capital. She deals with the theme of the figure in space. The subjects are not necessarily definable. The exhibited work evokes an association with an octopus, which on closer inspection turns out to be painted in great detail with filigree motifs. The artist's floor works also bear the detailed motifs that are important to her on the individually shaped 30 tiles made of ceramiplast. The theme of water and waves is not only reflected in the painting, but also in the shape of the individual tiles.

Mona Ardeleanu painted floor tiles water and waves
Thomas Fuchs presents work art of Mona Ardeleanu