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When it was founded in 2008, the EXILE GALLERY was based in Berlin; after 10 years, it moved to the Austrian capital of Vienna. Since 2023, the EXILE GALLERY has also had a presence in Germany again with its latest location in Erfurt. The move from Berlin to Vienna at that time was for personal reasons and also in favor of a spatial and conceptual change.

Christian Siekmeier Exile Gallery
tension clamps painting Sine Hansen

Paintings by the artist Sine Hansen

At his stand at ART COLOGNE 2023, Mr. Christian Siekmeyer will be presenting a work by the artist Sine Hansen, who died in 2009. The artist, who was already successful immediately after her studies in Braunschweig, exhibited with Gerhard Richter and Polke, but withdrew from the art market from time to time. In the 1970s, she created her series Spannungszangen. Using the exhibited painting "die Rote" from 1978, Mr. Siekmeyer explains how these pliers are in friction with the optical material. The color scheme refers to the political scene in Germany in the 1970s. The painting has not been shown since. Mr. Siekmeyer can now present it at ART COLOGNE 2023 thanks to his good contacts with the daughters administering the estate.

The Red Sine Hansen Art Cologne 2023
Exile Gallery Art Cologne 2023

Painting with complex egg tempera technique by Jobst Meyer

The gallery is also successful with a work by Jobst Meyer, Sine Hansen's life partner. It is a large-format work from the Zelte series. Jobst Meyer painted his paintings using the very complex technique of egg tempera. The Zelte series is the artist's best known, but also the rarest. Nevertheless, it has been represented in many institutions from the very beginning.

Jobst Meyer tempera tent Exile Gallery
cross tent and spades Jobst Meyer tempera painting

Sine Hansen and Jobst Meyer are artists who have fallen somewhat out of the art scene's radar in recent years. The EXILE GALLERY would like to bring them back into the spotlight at ART COLOGNE 2023.