American Pop Art - Benden & Ackermann Gallery

Galerie Benden & Ackermann, which focuses on American Pop Art, will be showing works by Gerhard Richter and Tom Wesselmann, among others, at ART COLOGNE 2023.

american pop art gallery Benden and Ackermann at Art Cologne fair
Marvin Ackermann Benden Ackermann Gallery

Works by the artists Gerhard Richter and Tom Wesselmann

In 2022, Galerie Klaus Benden, which had been based in Cologne since the mid-1990s and focused on American Pop Art, was joined by business partner Marvin Ackermann. Following the merger of the two business partners to form Galerie Benden & Ackermann, a further branch of the gallery was opened in Düsseldorf-Oberkassel in March 2022. Mr. Marvin Ackermann personally introduces us to two of the most outstanding exhibits at the stand of Galerie Benden & Ackermann. They originate from the work of the artists Gerhard Richter and Tom Wesselmann.

cathedral of cologne oil color on photography gallery Benden Ackermann
Cologne Cathedral Gerhard Richter Art Cologne 2023
Cologne cathedral painted photography Gerhard Richter

Overpainted photograph of Cologne Cathedral by Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter's work is an overpainted photograph. He, one of the most famous artists not only in the city of Cologne, but in the whole world, has taken on Cologne's landmark, the Holy Cathedral of Cologne. It goes without saying that the subject is particularly appropriate for ART COLOGNE 2023 and should be seen as a masterpiece.

Marvin Ackermann Nude One Arm Down Art Cologne
Nude One Arm Down Tom Wesselmann oil on cut out aluminum unique piece

Work "Nude, One Arm Down" by Tom Wesselmann

The American painter, graphic artist and object artist Tom Wesselmann, who died in 2004, represents the artistic orientation of Galerie Benden & Ackermann like no other. Since the mid-1990s, gallery owner Klaus Benden has worked very closely with Wesselmann's studio and, after the artist's death, with his estate. In recent years, however, access to his works has mainly been on the secondary market. The gallery owners are therefore all the more pleased that, after around 5 years, they will be able to exhibit such an outstanding work by Tom Wesselmann entitled "Nude, One Arm Down" at ART COLOGNE 2023 and thus make it accessible to the public.

Joseph Beuys Andy Warhol Gallery Benden and Ackermann
Willi Siber wall object 2023 Gallery Benden Ackermann

It is a hand-painted, three-dimensional steel work. The artist nevertheless wanted works of this kind to be understood as paintings. The deliberate play with the shadows of the outstanding work on display can be perfectly traced in the pinpoint light of the exhibition rooms. Galerie Benden & Ackermann is proud to show this outstanding subject. Especially as the connection between the artist and the gallery has been very close over the years and the name Tom Wesselmann is associated with the gallery.