Contemporary positions and postwar - Meierbach Gallery

The portfolio of the Meierbach Gallery in Düsseldorf includes works from the Düsseldorf academy school as well as works by international artists. Galerie Meierbach specializes in contemporary art and also carries postwar positions. The gallery has juxtaposed these two areas at its stand at ART COLOGNE 2023 to create a dialog between contemporary art and Postwar.

Meierbach zeitgenoessische Kunst Art Cologne 2023
Sabrina Podemski presented by Anna Achenbach co founder Meierbach

"Surface working with space" work by the artist Sabrina Podemski

Ms. Anna Achenbach guides us through the exhibition using selected works of art. The work on display by artist Sabrina Podemski, a former student at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, is strongly concerned with the image stream. She explores how classical painting can or cannot be transferred into the digital realm. The artist's exhibited subject has a highly reflective surface that works with space. Depending on the viewing angle, different impressions arise. It is also almost impossible. to capture the work photographically. The artist deliberately sets the course here as to what happens when I encounter the work directly and what happens when I share it via an image stream, for example on social media. Photorealistic elements that look like abstract painting further confuse the viewer and challenge them to engage with the work. All in all, an exciting position.

Sabrina Podemski classical painting digital Meierbach
Sabrina Podemski raw image stream abstract art

Life-size bronze monkey figure by Jörg Immendorf

A life-size bronze figure by Jörg Immendorf attracts attention in a prominent position. Mr. Dirk Achenbach explains details about the bronze: it weighs approx. 200 kg, is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, is one of the 70 monkey figures from the Malerstamm series that Immendorf developed between 2002 and 2006, and is called "the seer" Michael. An association with the visionary Michael Werner.

David Achenbach with Joerg Immendorf monkey sculpture Meierbach gallery
painting trunk Michael Joerg Immendorff monkey sculpture
Malerstamm Michael Joerg Immendorff Bronze Skulptur