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The long-established Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle from Munich has been working with conceptual approaches across all media since 1968. Conceptual photography such as the Düsseldorf School of Photography with Thomas Struth and Thomas Ruff, who had their first solo exhibitions at Galerie Schöttle.

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Work cycle "Depression elevations" by conceptual artist Daniel Knorr

Ms. Yeliz Kaiser, representing Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle at ART COLOGNE 2023, presents a work from the series "Depression elevations" by Daniel Knorr, a conceptual artist of Romanian origin living in Berlin. The origin of the series was based on impressions of potholes in streets or pieces of the Berlin Wall, which is intended to show the material-historical inscription of man in his environment. The latest work in the series no longer has any basis in the real world; it is a colorful, purely abstract work.

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Daniel Knorr polyurethane casting work of art Depression Elevations Art Cologne

Work Mont Saint Michel by the photo artist Elger Esser

Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle is also exhibiting Elger Esser, a representative of the Düsseldorf School of Photography, at ART COLOGNE. The Düsseldorf School of Photography, also known as the Becher School, is an important focus of the gallery. The exhibited works of the photo artist Esser refer to Mont Saint Michel in France. The pictures are based on his own technique. It consists of photographic work and a printing process on a silver-plated copper plate, finally refined with shellac. It is not a classic photographic technique in the sense that the picture captivates with its extraordinarily atmospheric appearance, which almost achieves a painterly quality due to its matt texturing. This highlight is further emphasized by a classic, old-masterly frame.

Yeliz Kaiser Elger Esser dusseldorf school of photography Art Cologne 2023
Elger Esser Mont Saint Michel Art Cologne 2023