NOMEN: Foldable cleat

NOMEN offers a folding cleat with different variants that also provide more safety on deck. At Messe.TV you can see some models that have added value, especially for sailors! The owner Axel Hoppenhaus completed an apprenticeship as a boat builder. He then studied industrial design and, briefly, shipbuilding. After working for yacht builders, he began to develop his own products.

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Cleverly designed folding cleat

He has developed a folding cleat that can be opened and closed with a handle. There are now also variants of this. At boot 2020, there will be a new cleat on display that is always closed. You can open and close it.

cleat folding Nomen
cleat for boat Nomen

More safety thanks to the innovative cleat

And you can simply attach the line to the cleat, even though it is closed. The line can also be quickly re-fastened. This is to prevent loose lines from getting caught - so this mainly affects sailors.

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It also increases safety on deck. The tripping hazard is still there, but you can't injure yourself as easily as on the open, raised edges of conventional cleats. The combination meets the requirements perfectly. It is a high-quality product. The price ranges from 300 euros to 6,000 or 8,000 euros - depending on the design and material. Aluminum is cheaper, stainless steel slightly more expensive.

cleats made of aluminum and stainless steel