Bavaria Yachts: Sailing yacht C42 series

The C42 sailing yacht from Bavaria Yachts is a sailing yacht that has no need to shy away from any competition in its price class. On Messe.TV we show you the world premiere of the yacht builder at boot Dusseldorf!

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Bavaria Yachtbau is one of the largest series yacht manufacturers in the world. The company is based in a small town near W├╝rzburg and was founded in 1978. Bavaria Yachtbau currently offers a full range of sailing boats. The cruiser line and the C-line. There is also a motorboat line. New product lines are currently being developed.

Bavaria Yachts C42
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Bavaria Yachts: World premiere C42 sailing yacht

At boot 2020, Bavaria Yachts will be presenting a world premiere with the C42 sailing yacht. The newly developed vessel has already been produced under the new owners. There are two really great new features. The Bavaria Giants on the one hand, which can be seen at the rear on the corresponding hull edges, and the Bavaria V, a very voluminous bow at the front. The volume of this ship naturally continues in the cockpit. Up to eight people can spend the night on the boat. There is also enough space for everyone to sunbathe and relax on deck.

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Yacht for up to 8 people - large aft berths

A unique feature of the C42 yacht is the possibility of having incredibly large aft berths. A large sleeping area with 1.6 meters by 2 meters. A very large saloon with a fold-out table for many people. A really large bed in the owner's cabin and a really large wardrobe with plenty of storage space to the left and right.

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The price of the Bavaria C42 sailing yacht starts at just under 160,000 euros. This makes Bavaria Yachts one of the most affordable providers in this size segment. The concept is based on large volume and high performance for a low price.