HOBIE: Mirage Eclipse SUP Stepper

At first glance, the board from HOBIE looks like a wakeboard, but it's actually a SUP stepper. In Messe.TV we show you how the stand up paddling stepper works and what's so special about it! At first glance, it looks like a wakeboard, but the Mirage Eclipse is actually a stand-up paddle board with a stepper function. You have a handlebar in your hand with levers that look like brakes. In reality, however, you use them to operate the rudder and can therefore steer to the left or right.

MesseTV interview Gero Priebe Hobie boat
SUP with handlebar Hobie Mirage

Drive of the boat with HOBIE Mirage

The fins of the HOBIE Mirage drive are driven when you perform the step function, as in the gym or at home. This is a penguin drive. The movement is actually transmitted from the penguin and provides the propulsion.

stand up paddle fin drive Hobie Mirage
SUP propulsion fin Hobie Mirage

Training for the whole body

It is a great piece of sports equipment as it trains the whole body. The SUP stepper is very popular in the rental business but also in the gym sector. The HOBIE Mirage Eclipse costs around 2,500 euros. Depending on the model and the length of the board.

Hobie Mirage Eclipse steering
stand up paddle with stepper function