Banana boat: Unsinkable, portable, foldable

A boat that is foldable, portable, unsinkable and indestructible - the Banana boat from SieBroTec promises all of this. We ask Messe.TV to find out whether they are right to be so full of it!

Banana boat: rowing motor sailboat

SieBroTec is the manufacturer of the Banana boat. The basis is the rowing boat you start with. Then you can row. The next expansion stage is the rowing boat with motor, then you can also move forward with a motor. The third stage would then be the rowing motor sailboat.

banana boat portable
plastic boat with motor

The special feature: The boat is foldable

The normal boat can simply be folded up and transported easily. Another argument in favor of the boat: it is unsinkable, as plastic is lighter than water. The hull is flexible and yet very stable. It doesn't even break if you hit stones or glass, it only causes a scratch and nothing more.

boat foldable
rowing boat stable unsinkable

15 year warranty on the hull of the boat

The material really is extremely stable and strong. The hull of the boat therefore comes with a 15-year guarantee. A truly unique thing in the industry.