BRACENET: Products made from ghost nets

The start-up BRACENET frees the sea from ghost nets, produces products on them and reinvests part of the sales proceeds in cleaning up the oceans. Great! Messe.TV finds out how it works.

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The start-up BRACENET from Hamburg works with Healthy Seas, Ghost Fishing and No Fear to recover ghost nets from the oceans with these three strong partners. Millions of sea creatures die every year because of ghost nets and perish in the nets. The problem is that the fishing nets break free or are deliberately sunk.

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Freeing oceans from ghost nets with Bracenet products

The start-up upcycles the ghost nets into new products such as bracenets, key rings and recently even a dog leash. Thanks to the sales, the company is able to survive on its own and donates the proceeds from the products to Healthy Seas and Ghost Fishing to finance further salvage trips.

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