Greenboatsolutions: Comparison portal for electric motors for boats

The company Greenboatsolutions is a comparison portal for electric motors and presents itself with the slogan: Your boat. Our drive. In Messe.TV we show you how it works! The company Greenboatsolutions is based in Berlin and helps boat owners to find the right electric motor for their own boat.

Finding the right electric motor for your boat

The idea for the company arose precisely from this task. The founders themselves were looking for the right electric motor for their boat. It wasn't that easy, especially because of the technical difficulties, as you have to be very familiar with it. At Greenboatsolution, the processes are digital. It is basically an online comparison portal that suggests electric motors for the boat in question. However, the makers are also happy to help with personal advice.

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Comparison portal: Electric motor for boats

The first step is to enter the details of your own boat on the website. This includes details such as size, weight, which engine is currently installed and, of course, how long you want to sail the boat. Based on this information, the portal then suggests possible engines for this area. This gives the user an orientation and helps them to put together the perfect system for their own boat.

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comparison portal for electric boat engines

Boat electric motor market

The market for electric motors for boats is currently developing very rapidly. The first bans on classic motorboats are already in place in some areas. There are already lakes in Austria where combustion engines are no longer permitted. So you can clearly see the direction in which developments are heading. Electromobility is simply much more sustainable, CO2 emissions are significantly lower and the engines are also much more technically efficient. Greenboatsolutions estimates that by 2030 most boats will be powered by renewable energy.