Imtech: iMatJet poolchair

A pool chair is a cozy thing - but moving forward is rather difficult. Not so with the iMatJet from Imtech, because it has an electric drive. At Messe.TV we show you the pool chair with remote control! Imtech is based in the Black Forest and is a supplier to industrial companies in all sectors. At boot 2020 in Dusseldorf, Imtech is presenting the iMatJet, which it developed itself.

MesseTV interview Ivica Mataija Imtech boat
poolchair with electric motor

iMatJet: Pool chair with drive

The iMatJet is a world first and patented. The idea arose from practical experience. With a classic pool chair by the sea, you are left to fate or the current. It is difficult to predict where you will drift. This gave rise to the idea of developing a product that you can sit on, which is very safe and powered by a motor that you operate with a remote control.

poolchair engine motors 500 watt iMatJet boat fair dusseldorf
poolchair motorized iMatJet

Powerful motors in the iMatJet

The iMatJet is equipped with two powerful 500 watt motors to ensure you make good progress. You don't have to worry about the remote control either. It is waterproof and floats. The aim is for customers to have as much fun with the motorized pool chair as the developers themselves.

iMatJet poolchair inflatable
poolchair with electric drive iMatJet