HOBIE: Proangler 360

The latest kayak from HOBIE is the Proangler360. 360 because it is a 360 degree fin drive. What does that mean? We'll show you on Messe.TV at boot Düsseldorf! The Hobie Cat company is based in Oceanside, California. It all started there with sailing. Hobie catamarans, beach catamarans, surfboards and kayaks were the first products.

kayak for fishing Hobie
MesseTV interview Gero Priebe Hobie kayak boat

The latest Hobie kayak: Proangler 360

The latest kayak from Hobie, which will be presented at boot 2020 in Düsseldorf, is the Proangler 360. 360 because the new drive from Hobie is a 360 degree drive. It is not a propeller, but a fin drive. It is a foot pedal drive in which the fins flex under water and thus provide propulsion. The interesting thing about it is that you can not only drive straight ahead, but also turn the fins continuously through 360 degrees from the cockpit using your hands.

fin kickup technology Hobie
Proangler penguin drive Hobie

Drive Proanlger 360 in all directions

You can therefore not only ride forwards or backwards. Depending on the orientation of the fins, it is also possible to ride sideways or diagonally. And all this at full speed. If you pedal properly, you can reach 13 km/h. The new fins all have KickUp Technology. So if you hit something like a stone or the beach, the fins fold up. As soon as you continue pedaling, the fins move forward again. The Proangler 360 is priced at 5,700 euros.

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Proangler with fin drive Hobie
fishing kayak with 360 degree drive Hobie