Ocean Bay: Inflatable boat MX 580

At Oceans Bay, we take a look at the new MX 580 inflatable boat at boot 2020 in Düsseldorf. In Messe.TV, we show you what else this high-performance inflatable boat has to offer besides a sun deck. The Ocean Bay MX 580 is brand new on the market. The boat offers various options: Sun lounger or bench in the front. There is also a wide choice of engines. Engines from 60 hp, 80 hp, 90 hp up to 115 hp, so that you can also have fun.

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inflatable boat Ocean Bay

Inflatable boat MX 580: Tubes, waterskiing & diving

The MX 580 from Ocean Bay can also be used to tow tubes or water skis. The boat is also very popular with divers because it has a large deck where you can put scuba tanks. You can easily go overboard and there is a swim ladder at the back to get back on board.

inflatable boat MX580 Ocean Bay
boat until 115PS Ocean Bay

The boat is also wonderful for trailering. It is sold as a complete set: Boat, engine, trailer for a price of just under 20,000 euros.

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