CAYAGO: SEABOB water sled

The Seabob is a water sled with an electric drive. The manufacturer Cayago is showing us the new highlight at boot 2020. We will show you the Seabob F5SR on Messe.TV!

Seabob F5SR Cayago boat 2020 Dusseldorf
Seabob watersled aqua scooter Cayago

Cayago AG has been manufacturing the Seabob, the fastest water sled in the world, which is completely electrically powered, for 15 years. Cayago is based in Germany, in Bad Salzuflen near Bielefeld.

water sled electric drive charging socket Cayago
water scooter electric drive Cayago Seabob

Highlight boot 2020: SEABOB F5SR

The Seabob F5SR is the highlight at the Cayago stand at boot 2020 in Düsseldorf. This top model is powered by a thrust of 745 newtons. Two large lithium-ion batteries provide the power for around 60 minutes. The Seabob reaches a top speed of 22 km/h. The fully equipped version includes the complete chrome package, a chrome inlay around the charging socket, a TFT display with which the diving depth can be set. There are various piezo buttons with which you can regulate the speed. If you let go of the handle, the Seabob stops immediately. The Seabob itself floats on the surface. If you want to go under the water surface, all you have to do is push it down and accelerate and you will automatically be pulled under the water.

MesseTV interview Robert Heiland Cayago boat
Seabob TFT display Cayago

Seabob without local emissions and quiet

As it is a completely electrically powered vehicle, there are no exhaust fumes and no local emissions. The Seobob is quiet, almost silent. From this point of view, there is no impact on the environment and therefore also on underwater animals. According to Cayago, underwater animals such as dolphins or underwater turtles start playing with the Seabob under water. The entry-level price is 7,800 euros. The top model with full equipment costs 14,565 euros.

water sled maximum speed Cayago Seabob
water sled with electric drive Cayago Seabob