Leatherman multi-tools

Little space requirement and many possible uses - the Leatherman! The multi-tools offer many functions and are particularly popular with men. The toolbox for the trouser pocket that should always be at the ready for outdoor activities. But does Leatherman also have something for women? Trade fair TV presenter Jürgen Groh talks to Oliver Kessler from Leatherman. Find out more in our trade fair film from the outdoor trade fair in Friedrichshafen!

The classic Leatherman multi-tool is constantly being developed further

Jürgen Groh: Oliver, I'm from the television industry, almost every cameraman has this tool, Vladimir right? Every cameraman has it in his bag. What can convince him to get a new one? Oliver Kessler: We are constantly developing our tools with new features that didn't exist before. For example, we have now developed a tool that has a flint. If you're out in the wilderness and want to make a fire, then of course you need a tool with which you can make the fire. Jürgen Groh: I don't think we need that. What would be the innovation in the rock-solid Leatherman's what can you say? Oliver Kessler: When it comes to retreading the classic multi-tools, we work heavily with bit sets that I can use to expand my tool. I can use any bit set for this. This means that I can replace the multi-tool with a Torks, Allen key or a cross from the bit set, for example, and adapt it accordingly.

MesseTV Interview Outdoor Friedrichshafen Oliver Kessler Leatherman
Pocketknife Corkscrew Leatherman

Jürgen Groh: I can see someone sawing in the background. Is that still an important tool? Oliver Kessler: The core tools are pliers, knives and saws. These are still used, we can see that we often get feedback that the saw is worn out because it has been used so much. Jürgen Groh: Is it possible to have individual parts sent to you or are they replaceable? Oliver Kessler: They can be unscrewed. We have a service team here, so you can send it in. Our service is set up so that you don't have an invoice. You don't need to explain why, you just send it in. That's our quality promise. Jürgen Groh: Who actually buys the classic Leatherman? Oliver Kessler: We have a very male-dominated buying group, over 90 percent. And now we want to go the other way and appeal to women, to expand our target group. Jürgen Groh: I see something colorful that could appeal to women. A - now I was going to say Swiss Army Knife in Leatherman form - but that's a bit in that direction, isn't it?

Leatherman Skeletool Outdoor Friedrichshafen
Leatherman Toolbox for the pocket

Expansion of the Leatherman Skeletools family

Oliver Kessler: I always shy away from saying Swiss Army Knife because it's a generic term. Of course, we are an American brand and make our own knives, but you bring up a good point about color. Each model comes in 3 or 4 different colors. We have the Skeletool, which is this tool. We want to expand the Skeletool family with it, which means we want to offer knives that are minimalistic and light but look beautiful. When you pick it up, you realize how easy it is to handle. Jürgen Groh: Very easy. Oliver Kessler: That's the key issue. It should be so light that I can always have it with me. Jürgen Groh: Very sharp. Oliver Kessler: They are all sharp! There's also an integrated bottle opener so you can open a bottle and the clip, the rucksack clip. Jürgen Groh: Practical. How much will this little, hopefully "soon-to-be-classic" cost me? Oliver Kessler: Well, they cost €39 and €35. And the difference between the two is that there is no knife on the tool, because you were talking about the pocket knife earlier. The nice thing here is that there are scissors, a bottle opener and a corkscrew. The nice thing about it is that I can take it with me on the plane. Jürgen Groh: Can I take scissors with me on the plane? Oliver Kessler: Scissors are okay, but not knives. Here we have the other model B2 is called that. It simply has 2 knives. A serrated knife and a smooth-edged knife on the other side. Jürgen Groh: I see a rocker tool on your wrist. Does that also belong to Leatherman or is that just your piece of jewelry?

Leatherman Pliers Bending Pliers
Tool Pliers Leatherman

Leatherman Tread - Bracelet with 29 tools

Oliver Kessler: No, that actually belongs to Leatherman, it's called Tread. It's actually a wristband that contains 29 tools. It's the first tool that doesn't include the classic pliers, but you can see it on your wrist even when you're not using it. A bottle opener is integrated in the clasp, here I have a parcel opener. Here is a small SIM card tool, which I always lose as a cell phone owner, the small SIM card pin. Now I wear it on my wrist, of course, but I also have a Tork key on it, the Allen key is included and a ring wrench, so 29 functions are combined in a very compact way with more lifestyle character. It's also available in silver. Jürgen Groh: Is Leatherman staying analog or is it also going digital? Oliver Kessler: Our first ideas are to build a USB into the Tread bracelet, which I can pull out here to use. Jürgen Groh: I'm curious to see what we'll see next year, all the best for the trade fair.

Leatherman Saw Pocketknife Outback
Leatherman Tread Multi Tools Wristband