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When it comes to backpacks, Deuter stands for experience and tradition. This year there are a lot of new products from the backpack specialist. Trade fair TV presenter Petra Nérette is shown the new Futura series, which promises improvements in design, form, function and features. A particular focus is on the back - the carrying system has been improved once again. Find out more in our trade fair film from Outdoor 2017 in Friedrichshafen!

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Innovative backpacks - more than 100 years of experience

Petra Nérette: We are with Deuter, a backpack brand that has been around for over a hundred years. What is the highlight of this trade fair? Thomas Hilger: This year at the trade fair, nothing at the Deuter stand is the same as it used to be. We have a lot of highlights that we can present and one of our most valuable highlights is the Futura series, which we have completely revised in terms of design language, form, function, features and, above all, the back. Petra Nérette: Can we take a closer look at what's so great about it? Thomas Hilger: What has improved about the backpack is the carrying system. That was already very good, we are the inventors of the Aircomfort system.

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Backpack Carrying Comfort Shoulder Straps Outdoor Friedrichshafen

Petra Nérette: That means the mesh in the back area? Thomas Hilger: That's right. But what we have achieved here with the new Aircomfort Sensic - that's the name of the new system in the Futura series - is improved load transfer. The shoulder strap attachment merges completely into the frame construction. We have designed the transition from the mesh to the hip fins very smartly, the backpack has no holes where the load transfer is lost. Petra Nérette: If I carry such a heavy rucksack on my back, it pulls me backwards, which means everything would be easier with the rucksack because it sits firmly on the hips? Thomas Hilger: That's right, with the ECL Ergonomic Comfort Lock System, the fin sits exactly where it should. Exactly where most of the load transfer takes place, above the hip bone. This is why the hip fin has a different foam structure. The base of the hip fin has clearly moved inwards. This means it fits very nicely and compactly around your hips. Petra Nérette: Oh, I'll give it a try then!

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Deuter backpack with improved carrying system

Thomas Hilger: I'll help you get dressed. Petra Nérette: Oh yes, the rucksack is heavy, let's see if the heaviness goes away. Thomas Hilger: First close it at the bottom. Then pull it forward with the pull-forward system and adjust it tighter. Then tighten the shoulder straps and loosen the shoulder straps. You can see how the hip fin nestles around the hips without any gaps in between.

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Deuter Backpack Outdoor Fair Friedrichshafen

Petra Nérette: That's right, now it's only half as heavy and I can finally go hiking! It fits very well. The colors are also very nice. Now I'd like to know what the future holds and where the trend for rucksacks is heading? Thomas Hilger: Of course we've done an incredible amount this year and worked on new products and highlights. We are already thinking about the next development phase in both winter and summer. Of course, the backpacks that we haven't adapted yet all look a bit old-fashioned compared to the products that we have completely renewed. You can obviously see that there is some catching up to do. In the trekking sector, in the travel sector but also in the winter sector, there are certainly many projects where we still have work to do or where we can still work on. We never get bored. Petra Nérette: Yes, thank you very much for all the information. I'll take it with me now. Thomas Hilger: You're welcome, have fun! Petra Nérette: Did you hear that? I can take it with me.

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