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When you're out and about outdoors, you naturally want your things to stay dry. We ask Mountain Hardwear to show us a rucksack that can withstand 24 hours of rain.

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Stay dry outdoors? Waterproof backpack!

Petra Nérette: At Mountain Hardwear, we are now one of the specialists for ambitious mountaineers and I have a rucksack on the back and would like to know what it can do. Ueli Oester: It's a waterproof rucksack. Tested for 24 hours in the rain in a rain room, so you don't need a cover if it rains. It is ultra-light. You can use it for alpine tours, ski tours, on a bike or for hiking. It also looks cool if you're just walking around town with it. It has a back system that is very close to the body and still offers good ventilation. You can put your ice axe and poles on the back, or as I just said, you can go on a ski tour with the backpack, where you can also put your skis on the back. Petra Nérette: And why is there a plastic part around here? Ueli Oester: You can click carabiners onto it, or if the ski binding hits the plastic ring, you have a sensational hold and the plastic ring doesn't break straight away, so it offers additional protection. Petra Nérette: And is it specially insulated on the inside? Or how is it that the rucksack doesn't get wet for 24 hours? Ueli Oester: The trick is that there's a membrane glued to it and the membrane is waterproof. You can put a sleeping bag on it, you can enlarge it or do whatever you want with it, a mountain rope or a tent. Petra Nérette: And this is a classic that is very popular in Switzerland in particular? Ueli Oester: It's actually our bestseller at the moment. Petra Nérette: Okay, and is there already the next generation, one that can do even more? Ueli Oester: There is one that is specially designed for climbing, that would be this one, the 25. It has the big advantage that you can open it to the side and clip the sides in here on the strap, where you can put a water bottle or your stinky climbing shoes. Then for people like me who are a bit of a messie, you have the advantage of the side zipper to take out something that you have packed at the bottom. There is access everywhere.

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Petra Nérette: What interests me is that the rucksack looks a bit smaller. What does it now contain in contrast to it? Ueli Oester: You noticed that well. It says Multipitch25 on the backpack. The volume is 25 liters. On the first one, 30 is the pack volume. Petra Nérette: And what does that mean for me as a woman? How many days can I travel with the rucksack? Ueli Oester: Not too long. I'd say 2 days for the 30. The 25er is actually designed for one day of climbing. If you want to pack your rope, carabiners and shoes, it's designed for one day. Petra Nérette: And the one with 25 liters is as waterproof as the other one? Ueli Oester: It's not 100 percent waterproof because it doesn't have a membrane but a very robust material that is pulled over it. Petra Nérette: What's different about the straps? Ueli Oester: That's actually a highlight that we have here. As you can see, it's bonded, you could also say laminated or welded, in other words there's no seam at all, which makes it very comfortable and pleasant to wear. Petra Nérette: So what else would interest me, how much would it cost? Ueli Oester: I know the Swiss price at the moment, which is 99 Swiss francs. Petra Nérette: I'll have to put it on. Ueli Oester: With pleasure.

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