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At first glance just an umbrella - but EuroSCHIRM claims: The most stable umbrella in the world. Messe.TV presenter Petra Nérette would like to take a closer look and put it to the test. She also asks the question: Who actually needs an umbrella when there are super waterproof jackets? Find out the answer in our trade fair film from Outdoor in Friedrichshafen!

The most stable umbrella in the world! Is that true?

Petra Nérette: A wonderful stand, but I wonder what umbrellas have to do at an outdoor trade fair? Felix Göbel: That was a good question! But these are not normal umbrellas. They are special trekking and hiking umbrellas that are very light and extremely stable at the same time. I'll just give you our super-sturdy birdiepal outdoor. Petra Nérette: How heavy is it? Felix Göbel: It weighs 208 grams and is the most stable umbrella in the world! It is indestructible. Petra Nérette: Can you demonstrate what makes it so stable? Why it is the strongest or the most stable umbrella in the world? Felix Göbel: With pleasure! First and foremost, when the wind blows really hard, the umbrella can turn over. Since it is made entirely of fiberglass, nothing breaks, all parts are highly flexible, made entirely of fiberglass and light as a feather. Petra Nérette: Super.

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Felix Göbel: Then there's a tougher test. (A clip shows the umbrella in action under a thundering waterfall - it withstands the pressure from above and when the waterfall hits the umbrella from the inside). You can even sit on it. Petra Nérette: Are you sure? Wow, that actually works. How much does the umbrella cost? Felix Göbel: It costs €59.90 in Germany. Petra Nérette: That sounds humane! Felix Göbel: It is, and for the fact that you can use the umbrella undamaged for the next few years, it's even cheaper. Petra Nérette: There are lots of waterproof jackets, I saw some at the trade fair, so why an umbrella?

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Felix Göbel: No, that doesn't work because the hands-free glider has this extendable shaft that you can pull out by turning it once and fix it by turning it to the right. You need the long shaft so that you have enough space under the umbrella. Petra Nérette: And what does this version cost? Felix Göbel: If you don't need a rucksack, there is the carrying system, which has the same price as the handsfree and costs 69.90€. But normally you use it with your own rucksack, then you don't need the carrying system. Petra Nérette: Where is the trend going with the umbrella? Felix Göbel: The trend is moving more and more towards lightness, stability and increasingly also hands-free. Because the first hands-free models were so well received, we will continue to develop them. Petra Nérette: Okay and the umbrella looks like all the other umbrellas, are there any fashion trends coming your way? Felix Göbel: I can't quite agree with that, if you look at the materials and the function I think they look a bit different. But as far as fashion and trends are concerned, I'm not giving anything away yet, that's a secret. At least until next time. Petra Nérette: Good, that means come back next year! Felix Göbel: Exactly.

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Hands free despite the umbrella! Is that possible?

Felix Göbel: The advantage of an umbrella is that you don't need a hood. You can leave your clothes open at the top and still be protected from the rain. You don't get caught in the rain, you don't sweat and you have a clear all-round view. There are many advantages to the umbrella. Petra Nérette: It annoys me when I have to carry an umbrella to go shopping, but when you go trekking or running, what's the solution? Felix Göbel: Then we have the solution of hands-free umbrellas. The hands-free umbrellas like the one shown here, for example, can be clipped onto the front of the rucksack strap or onto our hands-free carrying system. We also supply the clips for the umbrella. So you have both hands free. Petra Nérette: This is so stable that it will hold up even in heavy rain, wind or hail? Felix Göbel: Yes, it's bombproof. Petra Nérette: Doesn't tip back in the wind? Felix Göbel: You can even adjust it against the direction of the wind and rain. We have two clips on the left and right. Petra Nérette: Is that included in the price or does everything cost extra? Felix Göbel: No, it's all included in one package. Petra Nérette: With the birdiepal outdoor too, for example? Felix Göbel: No. That's a different model, it's not hands-free. Petra Nérette: Oh, you'd have to buy an extra model! I can't do that with the hand umbrella and a device?