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When you hear LOWA, the first thing that comes to mind is mountaineering boots, but the range goes much further. We are shown breathable trekking shoes that are waterproof and have a practical quick-release fastener. But what is the LOWA shoe designed for? Our trade fair TV presenter Petra Nérette finds out at Outdoor in Friedrichshafen.

Breathable trekking shoes with water protection & quick-release fastener

Petra Nérette: I have a nice sporty shoe from Lowa here. But when I think of Lowa, I actually think of classic mountaineering boots. Where are they? Or what is this shoe for? Markus Strefling: Yes, we still stock the classic mountaineering boots. This is a lightweight, sporty shoe. Petra Nérette: What can this shoe do? Markus Strefling: This shoe in particular has a quick-release fastener. This helps to lace up the whole thing quickly and efficiently. The special feature is the Gore Surround System. We have built air channels into the sole of the shoe, which ensure that the whole shoe can breathe. This means that moisture can escape super-fast and also from the bottom outwards. Water cannot penetrate. We have water protection on the outside and moisture transportation on the inside. This means you always have pleasantly dry feet and a sporty, lightweight shoe for moderate terrain - I'm not necessarily saying for the mountains, because it would be too light for that. It is suitable for everyday use, just like an SUV in the automotive industry.

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Petra Nérette: So if I'm out and about for 3 days, hiking, running, maybe a bit of mountains and sand, that would be the right shoe? Markus Strefling: Maybe one. If you want to go into the mountains, it will have a loss of stability. For a normal hiking trail, or along the river or even for the city, it's perfect. You can wear it for 3, 4 days or a whole week, that's no problem. Petra Nérette: How many types of shoes for different sports do you have in your range? Markus Strefling: Basically, we offer 6 different categories that really go from the highest peaks in the world. From alpine expedition shoes down to sandals that you can wear on the beach. Our mission is to build shoes from the highest peak to the beach - from the mountains to the sea - as we say, to offer shoes there.

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LOWA offers shoes for various sports

Petra Nérette: As a woman, I naturally look at the look, how important is it for you? Markus Strefling: The first priority is always functionality, that's quite clear. It has to work and it has to fit. And now a new addition, and one that has been very highly rated in recent years, is the look. The overall look, from the backpack down to the shoe, has to fit, has to be modern, has to be light and reflect the attitude to life, and colors play a very important role here. We try to reflect this with our products.

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