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Sustainability is a major topic in the outdoor industry - including at Jack Wolfskin. In summer 2018, the outdoor clothing manufacturer is set to launch a world first: TEXAPORE ECOSPHERE. The sports fashion manufacturer has already won the Industry Award 2017. What exactly is behind it? Trade fair TV presenter Jürgen Groh talks to Daniele Grasso from Jack Wolfskin at Outdoor Friedrichshafen.

Sustainable fashion from Jack Wolfskin: TEXAPORE ECOSPHERE

Jürgen Groh: Winner of the Industry Award 2017! How do you get such an award? Daniele Grasso: In our core area of waterproof jackets, we looked at what we can do in production and how we can recycle the waste generated in the industry to create new materials. Jürgen Groh: And very briefly, how did you do that? Daniele Grasso: We took the membranes and collected all the waste. We found a way to process this waste and produce a new high-tech membrane from it. Jürgen Groh: When did you release the jackets? Daniele Grasso: In summer 18, it will be a world first in the clothing industry, which means Texapore Ecosphere is indeed a world first in the clothing industry. The whole thing is based on the fact that we have used 100% recycled materials for the outer fabric. The second layer, which you can see on the inside through the lining, is the waterproof layer, which is also made from recycled materials. This means that the entire package is made from recycled materials - a world first from Jack Wolfskin. With Texapore Ecosphere, we have generated pioneering work in the clothing industry. Jürgen Groh: What else can the jacket do? Daniele Grasso: Here we are, for example, with our Active Outdoor collection, the jacket is suitable for hiking tours. It has a water column of 20 meters.

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Active Outdoor collection: Waterproof & sweat-absorbent

Jürgen Groh: A water column of 20 meters means that there could be 20 meters of water on the jacket and it would still be waterproof? Daniele Grasso: That's right, per square meter. Absolutely protected when the weather comes from above, the wetness comes from above and the water comes from inside - the sweat. Jürgen Groh: But how can that be if the membrane is closed? Daniele Grasso: The membrane consists of two components. One component is water-loving and one component is, so to speak, water-hating. I have just invented a new word. In principle, the water-loving molecules manage to absorb the vapor and push it out. Jürgen Groh: Then I'll try on this world first. Daniele Grasso: You're welcome to! Jürgen Groh: Very light, how much does the jacket weigh?

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Recycling Jacket Jack Wolfskin Outdoor

Lightweight outdoor jacket with PET bottle outer shell

Daniele Grasso: It weighs less than 400 grams. That's important, that's the trend in the industry towards lightweight but also functionality. You have PET bottles on the outside here. We have created the outer fabric from recycled materials. The jacket is designed so that you can easily hike with a rucksack. You also have high pockets. The pockets are easy to carry with a rucksack. If you sweat too much, you have zippers at the back of the arms that you can open. Jürgen Groh: How much does it cost? Daniele Grasso: It costs €219.95 in the shops. Jürgen Groh: Jack Wolfskin is also known for being a lifestyle brand, you see Jack Wolfskin jackets in the pedestrian zone, people wear them to work. Is that part of your strategy or did it come about by chance? Daniele Grasso: It absolutely is. Of course, you also have the elements of rain and wind in the city. Jürgen Groh: May I see an Urban jacket? Daniele Grasso: This is our Halewood Parka. You are welcome to wear it. It's also lightweight, which was important for a parka like this. Jürgen Groh: Nice.

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Jack Wolfskin Lifestyle - Urban fashion

Daniele Grasso: It protects you from water, wind and rain and you have the typical features of an urban jacket, various zippers and pockets on the chest. Nevertheless, you still have the protection, as I said sustainability, which is crucial in an urban environment. The choice of colors is also crucial, we use subtle colors, you don't want to look like you're coming down from the mountain. That's why our strategy is to be very discreet, traditional and classic in the Everyday Outdoor range. Jürgen Groh: This year you launched a world first on the market. Can we still expect something new next year or is it time for a break? Daniele Grasso: No, one of our favorite things to do is to bring out innovations. Jürgen Groh: Do you also have errors where a development has led to nothing? Daniele Grasso: In development, we have try and error. One error was with Texapore Ecosphere, for example. We needed a lot of trials to get the waterproofing right because we not only wanted a sustainable product but also a high-performance product with a good water column. Jürgen Groh: Then my wish for the new year is that there continue to be lots of trials, few errors and that we see great products again. Daniele Grasso: With pleasure.