JOBE Stand-Up Paddle Boards

Stand-up paddling is becoming increasingly popular. But what are the actual differences between stand-up paddle boards? To get an answer to this question, our Messe.TV presenter made her way to JOBE. The water sports experts introduced her to two popular boards at Outdoor in Friedrichshafen.

Inflatable stand-up paddle boards

Petra Nérette: Hello, I've always wanted to buy a stand-up paddling board! What is special about you? I mean Jobe is a name I don't know yet. There are so many brands. What is special about you, why should I choose a Jobe board? Silvan Geiser: We have the brand new 11.6 Duna with a double layer, which means it has 2 layers of plastic on top so that nothing shifts even in the heat. You can see the little dots here, these are all the connecting threads that keep the board in shape so you can really have fun paddling. Petra Nérette: Okay, this is an inflatable board? Silvan Geiser: It's an inflatable board. There's a valve at the back that you can pump between 18 and 20 PSI into and have a lot of fun paddling. Petra Nérette: And how long is it? Silvan Geiser: It's 11 feet 60. Petra Nérette: So that would be fine for me, or does everyone have a different size? Silvan Geiser: No, the size depends on what you want to do with the board.

SUP Set Backpack portable inflatable Jobe StandUp Paddling
Stand up Paddling Board Jobe inflatable Fair Friedrichshafen

Petra Nérette: And how much does an inflatable board that I can comfortably take with me cost? Silvan Geiser: Yes, around 700 euros. Petra Nérette: With the paddle? Silvan Geiser: With the paddle, with the fin, everything with me. I can then stow it in a bag. You have everything in here, paddle, pump,... Petra Nérette: The board is in the rucksack? Silvan Geiser: There's a board in there. Petra Nérette: We'll try it out briefly... It's actually suitable for carrying as a rucksack, it pulls back a bit but can be carried. Do you also have boards that are not inflatable?

Stand up Paddling Outdoor Leisure Fair
SUP Bamboo Board Bamboo Jobe Outdoor Friedrichshafen

Bambus Stand-Up Paddle Boards

Silvan Geiser: Yes, we have really nice bamboo boards, I'd love to show them to you. Petra Nérette: That looks great. Silvan Geiser: That's the 10.6 Ventura with a nice bamboo layer and a stringer that goes all the way through the board to give it good stability. A lot of fun. Petra Nérette: So it would also be good for beginners? Silvan Geiser: Definitely! Petra Nérette: And advanced riders, would they take it too? Silvan Geiser: Yes, my whole family has the 10.6. It's great fun in the water and it's good for the whole family.

Stand up Paddle Board Jobe inflatable
Sup StandUp Paddling Board Inflatable Valve

Petra Nérette: Okay, and at what price would we be here? Silvan Geiser: We're at around 1400. Petra Nérette: And you have to have a device to take with you. I can carry the other board in my rucksack, but here I need a car. Silvan Geiser: Or you live by the water! Even better. Otherwise on the roof of the car, I would recommend a board pack so that it is really protected. Petra Nérette: I need a house by the lake for this beautiful bamboo board. How heavy is it? Silvan Geiser: Around 13 kilos. Petra Nérette: I can actually carry it. (Climbs onto the SUP) Super, I'm a fan. Especially that I can take it with me everywhere. It's inflatable and feels good and safe. It can even have a few laughs.