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Transporting luggage on your bike can lead to very unpleasant experiences. With Ortlieb bike bags, things are different. The waterproof bike bags or bikepacks sit securely and allow you to cycle comfortably despite your luggage. Especially if you are planning a bike tour, you should definitely watch the video! You can travel the world with this equipment! Sleeping bag, sleeping mat, a stove and a change of clothes all fit in the waterproof bags. Traditionally, light items are placed on the handlebars, heavy items on the bars and storage items such as clothing under the bike saddle. However, there are different configurations depending on the occasion.

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Total volume Ortlieb bike bags 50 liters

The total volume of the bags is 50 liters. However, these can also be reduced for smaller bike tours, as Ortlieb offers different versions. The Seatpack has 11 liters, the steering wheel bag has 9 liters, 4 liters are attached to the bar in the middle, 1 liter is the small central pocket for a cell phone or energy bar and the bags on the front tires hold another 25 liters.

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High-quality, waterproof bike bags for bike tours

Every single bag is waterproof. The Seatpack even has a valve to release air and create a tight compression so that nothing wobbles and you can cycle undisturbed off-road or on the trail. The bag is extra stiffened but still lightweight. The complete set costs around 450€ and is made entirely in Germany. You get a 10-year spare parts supply.

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