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Safety is an important issue in train transportation. Unfortunately, in the past, there have always been tragic accidents caused by trains running into each other. With a system from Intelligence on Wheels, this could be a thing of the past. The company also presents an app to Messe.TV presenter Jürgen Groh as an extension to the safety system, which could make a huge contribution to the safety of track workers.

MesseTV Interview Dr Thomas Strang Intelligence on Wheels
Portable security technology for trains Intelligence on Wheels

Collision warning system for trains

Jürgen Groh: Greetings, Dr. Strang Dr. Thomas Strang: Hello, welcome. Jürgen Groh: What is Intelligence on Wheels showing at InnoTrans this year? Dr. Thomas Strang: This year we are showing a very innovative collision warning system for trains, which warns train drivers or drivers of other trains that are in a place where they should not be or are approaching. Unfortunately, there have been a few such cases in the past where the system could very well have been used. The system has been developed precisely for such scenarios and operates completely autonomously. It is therefore only installed in the trains. It is a virtual part, so to speak, with the advantage that I can operate it in addition to any other safety technology on board my train. Jürgen Groh: And all you need is this little device here? Dr. Thomas Strang: That's right. You simply place this device on board the train and the vehicle is equipped and falls under the protection of the system. It receives the signals directly from any other train equipped with the system - without the need for any network. No GSMR or other backbone network is required for communication. I only need the radio frequency with which the train informs its surroundings that it is there, where it is going, how fast it is going and so on.

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This means that each receiving train can evaluate the data to determine whether there is a risk of collision or not. This is a big step that is still somewhat unusual - you bring intelligence from the control center into the vehicle. Jürgen Groh: Is there also a portable version? Dr. Thomas Strang: Yes, there is also a portable version of this unit with minor restrictions. But basically, this portable unit also allows guest vehicles to be added to the network and driven. No other safety technology offers this, that you can install portable safety technology.

Collision warning system for trains Intelligence on Wheels
Collision Warning System Trains Intelligence on Wheels

App for safety technology in rail transport

Jürgen Groh: Who is your competition on the market? Dr. Thomas Strang: Actually, you should always have our product on board as a plan B or safety overlay system. In addition to any other technology you can afford. It's not a question of either or, but rather a supplement to protect against weak points in other systems. The big advantage is that our system acts independently.

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Jürgen Groh: I saw a lady with an app at your stand - how does it work? Can you briefly explain it to me? Dr. Thomas Strang: With pleasure. The mobile app is a new extension. The idea behind it is that we not only want to warn trains of other trains, but also the track worker. Approaching trains are a real danger. Once the app is installed, he receives a signal when a train is approaching his position, for example at a construction site. We have developed completely new interaction methods for the application so that you don't have to "press buttons", but can simply tap to operate it. Jürgen Groh: Great idea - I wish you every success! Dr. Thomas Strang: Thank you!