Individual glasses 3D printing - KLENZE&BAUM

Klenze & Baum presented itself for the first time at the opti trade fair immediately after its foundation in 2018. The company's product is 3D-printed eyewear. Klenze & Baum specializes in customization, i.e. the glasses can be adjusted such as nose bridge, frame width and temple length, base curve, etc. This allows the end customer to find their perfect pair of glasses.

3D print glasses opti 2024
transparent goggles 3D printer

Trade fair innovation: transparent glasses in 3D print

The innovative company is presenting a trade fair innovation at opti 2024. It is a transparent pair of glasses in 3D print. 3D prints are usually opaque, i.e. not transparent. On the model on show, even the temples are transparent, which opens up completely new facets. The surface was deliberately made rough so that the 3D print is recognizable and the difference to acetate glasses is retained. Despite the omission of a polish, the result is a smooth surface with a great look full of light. This collection is available in 4 colorways under the name Acelike.

ACELIKE polyamide glasses
Aurelien Mierswa Klenze und Baum

Individual and robust eyewear design

Apart from this innovation, the glasses from early 2018 already have a special feature. The temples of these glasses have a specially developed joint that can pop off under load. In concrete terms: if a soccer or similar flies into the face or the wearer falls during sport, the temples automatically detach. It's amazing how quickly and easily the temple can be reattached to the hinge - the glasses are whole again, absolutely in the spirit of sustainability.

customization glasses individually adapted
Asket collection customizable glasses

3D glasses with wire in the temples for optimum adjustment

Klenze & Baum is the only manufacturer of 3D glasses with a wire in the temples. The company owns a patent for inserting the wire into the temple. Thanks to the "wired" temples, the glasses can be perfectly adjusted and remain in shape. The glasses are also hollow printed, another special feature that makes the whole thing extremely light. Another long-lasting product is the Asket series, a mega flexible combination of titanium and polyamide 12. All attachments are made of titanium and it has been optimally designed for the user and the optician so that it can be perfectly adjusted. The temples can be cut off, shortened and replaced, the nose pad can be optimally adjusted and readjusted using a small bend. All this contributes to an absolutely comfortable wearing experience and casual handling.

eyeglasses temples removable opti 2024
titanium glasses flexible customized 3D printed