Printed spectacle cases - DUGGERT

The Duggert company has been run as a family business since 1988 and is now in its 4th generation. In the past, jewelry boxes were produced, but over time production was switched to spectacle cases. Printing is still carried out in-house, and the cases, as well as vials and cleaning cloths, are personalized with customer names.

glasses case made of cardboard recycled PET Duggert
Paul Kinzler Duggert

Sustainable cases made 100% ecologically from cardboard

In addition, cases are handmade in-house and can be delivered to the customer very quickly within 2 to 4 weeks. Other printed items are also delivered quickly, unlike some competitors who have a six-month waiting period.

case printed with company name
laser print glasses case Duggert

At the company's stand at opti 2024, Mr. Paul Kinzler explains that the sustainable cases are made from 100% ecological cardboard and lined with cotton on the inside, making them recyclable. Another variant of the sustainable cases is covered on the outside with PET bottle material and lined on the inside with cotton, which is also 100% recyclable. These sustainable cases are currently very popular in the collection.

with engraving handcrafted glasses case made of steel
company logo personalized printed eyeglass cleaning cloth

Glasses cases individually printed with logo and customer data

We at Messe.TV can see a number of different customer logos that were printed by Duggert itself according to the customer data and specifications sent in. The company offers different versions, in color or lasered. Laser printing makes the whole thing even more sustainable, as no additional ink has to be applied to the case.

spectacle cases short delivery time Duggert
handmade glasses case unique

The portfolio includes Reinhold Kühn cases

The portfolio also includes Reinhold Kühn cases. The company bought this 100-year-old brand 10 years ago. At that time, these cases were already handmade in Grimma. Duggert took over and still manufactures these cases entirely by hand in Bad Boll. The necessary steel parts come from the surrounding area and are then covered by hand with genuine leather in the company. Many different types of genuine leather are used, such as deerskin, ostrich leather, snakeskin, etc., which are embossed in the family business, pulled over the frame and sold as individual items. Duggert does not use imitation leather. The exclusive cases are made individually and can be personalized and engraved.