Spectacle frames without screws - ic!Berlin

The Berlin eyewear manufacturer ic!Berlin, style made in Germany, has been on the market since 1996. The manufactory is famous for its frames, i.e. spectacle frames without screws, which are 100% handmade in Berlin. Production, sales, marketing and quality assurance all take place in Berlin.

screwless frame opti 2024
Marco Pollmeier Head of Marketing ic Berlin

Newcomer Berlin eyewear manufacturer ic!Berlin

Our interviewee at the ic!Berlin stand admits to being relatively new to the eyewear industry and therefore used to having other eyewear brands on his nose. He came to the conclusion that anyone who had ever worn glasses from ic!Berlin would never switch to another brand again.

metal glasses stainless steel glasses collection ic
metal glasses flexible removable frame

ic!Berlin manufactures metal eyewear made of stainless steel, acetate eyewear and hybrid eyewear

At opti 2024, we will see 3 models from the brand. ic!Berlin generally manufactures metal eyewear made of stainless steel, acetate eyewear and hybrid eyewear that works with both materials. New at the 2024 trade fair appearance are glasses made of carbon, called Flexabon. They are made from a blank that is shaped using a base curve. They also feature the classic ic! - hinge without screws, the big plus point of all ic!Berlin glasses, as well as stainless steel nose bridges, as these cannot be made from carbon. The nose bridges are inserted afterwards. The temples are also made of stainless steel with a clip. The Flexarbon series was created in 2023.

Flexarbon carbon glasses

Bibhu Mohapatra collection in cooperation with fashion designers from New York Fashion Week

A very special model from the Bibhu Mohapatra collection was created in cooperation with an Indian fashion designer who works at New York Fashion Week. This collection was created for him, the designer uses a lot of lace in his mood and therefore a lace pattern was etched into the frame. The model is a classic metal frame with a very high base curve, base 8, compared to a classic ic! model with base 4, making it more curved and slightly sportier. The color was kept simple, but the design was incorporated into the frame.

curvy bent glasses made of chrome
fashion lace pattern metal glasses

Using an ic! - classic, an employee at the stand shows us the enormous flexibility of this model with its 6 mm hinge. The temples are super easy to take off and put back on again, the big plus of all ic!Berlin glasses.