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Eyetec has its origins in ophthalmology and stands for retinal imaging in the field of medical technology. This means displaying retinal images on the patient's retina by photo or with the new, innovative OCT technology for the visualization of eye diseases. Among opticians in Germany, OCT technology is becoming increasingly popular as a means of expanding the options available to opticians, including making and passing on recommendations to ophthalmologists. This helps patients who would otherwise not be able to get an appointment with an ophthalmologist at the right time.

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Burkhard Zander Managing Director Eyetec
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How fast imaging of the retina with OCT technology works

Mr. Burkhard Zander from Eyetec GmbH demonstrates how an OTC works at the opti 2024 trade fair stand. On the display, we can see a very fast image of the retina that has been scanned by the OCT in the posterior region. Using the 3D image, the optician or ophthalmologist can show the patient whether an eye disease is present. The condition of the fluid or existing macular degeneration can also be recognized.

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Eyetec has been working with a focus on OCT technology for 15 years. The sophisticated, compact product on display is used in many medical practices and increasingly in opticians' stores.

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