Optician supplies from a single source - DAO

The DAO portfolio is extremely extensive. It includes everything an optician needs. DAO supplies ophthalmic lenses and serves the equipment sector both in the field of refraction and screening as well as in the field of grinding machines. DAO offers frames, sports glasses, small parts for workshop requirements, in other words almost everything an optician needs.

Performer sports glasses set
Michael Brukner Management Sales DAO

As a family-run company, DAO operates independently of large corporations

At opti 2024, Mr. Michael Burkner shows us the diversity of DAO's product range at the company's stand. This sets DAO apart from other companies that specialize only in lenses or only in devices. The family-run company DAO supplies everything from a single source, working very regionally. Mr. Burkner emphasizes that the company is not part of a large corporation, but is owner-managed.

3D eye measurement lens determination refraction

Polaskop2 visual acuity system for opticians with many new features

At the exhibition stand, we can get to know the Polaskop2 product, an experience refraction that is used to perform a 3D refraction and various tests. Over 2500 opticians in Germany have already worked very successfully with the predecessor model, a new type of refraction. The successor model Polaskop2 has many new features and will be sold very successfully at opti 2024. The special feature of the Polaskop2 is that both eyes can remain open during the measurement, both during the day and at night, which is very convenient for the end user during the measurement.

polarized mirrored sports glasses
mirrored sports glasses opti 2024

PERFORMER sports eyewear collection at opti 2024

Mr. Burkner presents 12 new frames from the PERFORMER sports eyewear collection. The complete new set, including the sales stands, is available for 299 euros. The new frames are also glazed by the company. In practice, the frames themselves are delivered to the optician, who then orders the model with the individual lens strength and DAO delivers the complete glasses including lenses at the end.

sports glasses frame optician
sportive glasses sports glazing DAO

DAO offers everything from devices to frames, sports glasses and sports lenses

In summary, the DAO company supplies everything an optician's heart desires, from devices to frames, sports glasses and sports lenses. The models are available in different colors as well as in different materials, whether polarized or normal colors or mirrored versions. Thousands of different variations that can be ordered make the company's range so interesting.