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Frost eyewear ist eigentlich eine echte Liebesgeschichte. Dass das Ehepaar Paris und Marion Frost Brillen macht, ist ihrer Liebe geschuldet. Die beiden sind seit ├╝ber 40 Jahren ein Paar, sie hatten von Jugend an das Bestreben, den ganzen Tag miteinander zu verbringen.

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Frost eyewear, an eyewear love story

The training took them apart for a while. But after studying and completing his goldsmith training, Paris had the idea of doing something together again and sold the shares in the companies he had built up in the meantime. As chance would have it, the joint company ended up manufacturing eyewear. Mr. Frost was looking for a new pair of glasses. What the market had to offer did not appeal to him. So Marion decided without further ado: I'll make you a pair. Frost eyewear was born.

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Individual design approach: eyewear with a story

That's how it all began 30 years ago. It took two years before the first collection was ready. The two of them taught themselves everything; they are neither opticians nor ophthalmologists. This makes them all the more proud to have set trends in the industry over these 30 years and to have found friends and people all over the world who wear their glasses with enthusiasm.

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Marion Frost has brought some of these models with her to opti 2024. The special thing about the glasses is that they not only have a number or a name, but also a story behind them. The designer explains to us that she has a completely different approach to design than many others. She sees something and then turns it into a pair of glasses. It can be a banana, a house or a street formation. She creates her glasses from these impressions.

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Cloverleaf glasses design: glasses with one longitudinal and one transverse lens

She shows us her Voltage model, which she also wears herself. An energetic model that allows the energy of the day to flow through a small connecting wire. The Atelier model is the momentum needed for an energetic working day. With Atelier, everything works perfectly - both interpersonally and at work. Marion Frost presents the cloverleaf model as a much-loved idea. It consists of a longitudinal and a transverse glass. However, the long glass can also be used twice or the small glass can also be used. She sees the cloverleaf as a real lucky charm. The Capo model is based on the Goldengate Bridge, a work of art and history that not only helps you to see well in everyday life, but also to look good. Good looks are important to Frost eyewear.

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