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Individually designed glasses made of wood

The eyewear manufacturer FLAIM has been on the market for 12 years. The company was born when the company owner had the idea of making individually designed wooden glasses after graduating from high school. He embarked on the project together with a 100-year-old, established timber company and had a prototype after a year. The result was surprising even for the old company boss, who had been trying to make wooden glasses for over 30 years.

Flaim wooden glasses collection
Alexander Flaim opti 2024

As a special gimmick in the FEB Art collection, the company is presenting glasses at opti 2024 that can be personalized with the customer's favourite photo. This could be their loved one, a special object or even the likeness of their pet.

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Rimless wooden glasses also in the FEB31st portfolio

Rimless glasses can also be found in the FEB31st portfolio. Customers can have the temples of these glasses produced in colors that they like or in unusual colors. The result is a cool pair of glasses just for them. The company also offers classic metal glasses, where only the nose piece is made of wood in natural colors.

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Glasses with wooden frames and temples in a wide range of colors

The range of classic glasses with wooden frames and temples is very diverse in terms of color. The company launched this collection 12 years ago and was already thinking sustainably back then, producing its eyewear exclusively from fast-growing poplar wood from reforested forests. In this context, Mr. Flaim emphasizes that any wood left over from production is either used to decorate the display or to generate heat in the company.

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