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Glasklar has developed a sustainable customer loyalty system in conjunction with an eyewear and hearing aid cleaning concept. Company owner Mr. Oliver Bartsch explains the concept at opti 2024.

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Customer loyalty: Custom-printed bottles with logo and contact details

Glasklar's business customers receive large or small, individually printed bottles with their logo and contact details. They can have the bottles designed in many different colors to suit their taste. In addition, each specialist store receives a refill facility so that the end consumer can have their bottle refilled. This process is not only sustainable, but also creates customer loyalty, as customers return to the store again and again for refills. An important aspect in today's world.

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Give customers the cleaning agent as a gift when they buy glasses

Glasklar produces all products itself - from the bottle to the cleaning agent to the printing. This makes the whole concept sustainable per se. There are no long transportation routes from the Far East, high flexibility is a given, as is high quality. Opticians, for example, can put together their own concept by focusing on one color or offering their customers several colors. Glasklar delivers as requested, the optician builds his own system and gives the customer the cleaning agent as a gift when they buy a pair of glasses. In this way, he invites his customers to come back to the store for a refill.

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Refilling eyewear cleaning products strengthens customer loyalty

The company not only provides its business customers with the bottle, but also the cleaning agent. The background to this is that the optician can give both to his customers free of charge at the same time, so that the idea of customer loyalty takes effect. The refilling process is quite simple. The bottle is unscrewed, held under the dispenser and filled automatically. When the bottle is removed, the pre-measured filling process stops. In the best case scenario, the customer can refill the bottle themselves, which experience has shown many customers appreciate.

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Customers often only come to the specialist store for a refill. This is a desired effect, as the customer does not always feel challenged by additional sales, but is happy to buy their next pair of glasses from this specialist store again due to their loyalty.